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Top 5 Android Anti-theft Apps

Cell theft has been wi-first-ratewireless purpose of issue for quite a while now. Anti-robbery apps are a superb approach to this risk and encompass some superior competencies to track your stolen telephones down.

Top 5 Android Anti-theft Apps 1

Did you recognize?

CTIA – The wi-fi―the consultant body of the global telecommunications enterprise―has compiled an uniwirelessed database containing details of all stolen phones in the usa. Telephones registered with this network are blacklisted and cannot be reactivated anywhere within the world.

Nowadays, phones are to be had in every size and form to healthy the wishes of everybody. Additionally, they vary in rate, with a few available at a throw away fee, on the equal time as others feel top dollar. Regardless of the rate factor, one thing is positive, our smartphones are not simply every other device. They have got, in fact, become an essentially part of our lives in lots of approaches. They incorporate our non-nonprivate statistics, fond recollections, critical records, and are very a good deal our source of amusement as properly.

Pointless to mention then, smartphones are in addition vulnerable to being stolen similar to your other non-publicprivate property, and are, in truth, loads more valuable to personal than their unique possessions. Worry now not, even though, a handy anti-theft app might also want to thoroughly keep the day, and strike Fear within the hearts of all miscreants lurking the streets. Here is a look at the very high-quality of these protection apps for Android―the maximum famous cellphone platform.

You might want to hold in thoughts although, that those apps might not kung fu a thief into submission and keep them away for proper, as an alternative they may be pretty wi-fi to music your stolen smartphone back, and/or make certain your private statistics might now not fall into wrong palms.

AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG has been a relied on name inside the antivirus area for pretty some time now. Other than safety from viruses and spam, the pro version of this app additionally has a completely wi-ficialwireless anti-robbery feature on board. The app lets you remotely access your stolen device from its website and wipe out all your non-publicprivate statistics from it. you could even music the location of your GPS-enabled cellphone using the enterprise’s monitoring internet website. Aside from this, you may Additionally ship high quality preset text messages from every other telephone and trigger an alarm, delete the information, or obtain an SMS about the wi-fichanged SIM details, depending on the message sent. It Moreover functions a completely benewiwireless digital camera trap alternative, which takes an image of the character holding the cellular phone at the same time as the incorrect password is entered three times to launch the tool. This picture is then stealthily despatched at some stage in to address registered with the app.

Kaspersky internet safety for Android

Some other multipurpose app to guard your tool from all viable threat is the Kaspersky net protection for Android. This app has a totally effective anti-theft characteristic to go with its antivirus features. The app has a Mugshot characteristic which, if enabled, stealthily takes a photograph of the individual the use of your device, and saves it onto its server. This photograph can then be retrieved by way of logging on your Kaspersky account. Using this net-portal, you may also remotely lock, sound the alarm, cover or wipe off the records, and recognize of SIM statistics of the cutting-edge card mounted in your smartphone.

Avast! Anti-theft

This might be one of the maximum function-wealthy anti-robbery apps available inside the market these days. Other than tracking the place of the stolen telephone, it Moreover shall we clients remotely erase data, set off an alarm at the cellphone, and lock the tool. The app also can perform in Stealth mode, in which it isn’t displayed within the app list, and as an end result, can not be disabled or uninstalled with the aid of each person else. You can also set a fringe for the cellphone, which once crossed, triggers the smartphone to stealthily ship an SMS notiwirelesscation to a preset extensive range about its location and the SIM set up. You can need to don’t forget despite the fact that, that most of the advanced capabilities mentioned proper here, like placing a digital perimeter (Geofencing) and taking an image of the could-be thief, are to be had most effective at the paid model of the app.


In evaluation to most exceptional apps in our list, Lookout is more of a devoted anti-robbery app with anti-virus features. The app has some easy, but powerful abilities like wireless and Scream (maps the location of the stolen device and activates an alarm on it), signal Flare (routinely saves the place of your mobile phone when its battery is low), and Lock Cam (sends throughout a e-mail to a registered electronic mail deal with the region and picture of anybody who receives the phone’s password incorrect wi-five times). You furthermore mght have the choice to remotely lock your device and delete all records from it.

TrustGo cell protection

A lite and effective app, TrustGo cell safety is going about its business employer of defensive your smartphone without developing a large deal of it. This thieve is similarly used to song your lost/stolen mobile phone remotely via way of logging directly to the TrustGo internet site. From right here, you can wi-fi the area of your device, lock it, wipe out all records, or cause your telephone to sound an alarm to assist wi-fi it. The present day update of the app also brings in the Candid camera feature, which sends for the duration of a photograph and place of wi-fi all of us who tries to disencumber the smartphone after it is been remotely locked.

Armed with this kind of apps, you may stroll down the street without having to worry approximately Cellular robbery, secure in knowledge that the wireless men do not stand a risk towards your trusty vigilante. Cheers.

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