Generally, I get contacted with the aid of website owners after their website online is completed and already published to the internet. The owner seeks out my advice after the web page has been stay for a while and nevertheless has no income and/or traffic. I even have put together a listing of the most commonplace issues I see when evaluating websites.

1. One of the most commonplace mistakes I see is replica identify tags. (The identity tag is what appears at the top of the browser when the web page is displayed and is what the serps display for the first line of the website link of their results.) In other phrases maximum, if no longer all the website’s pages have the same identification tag. Usually, it’s miles the name of the commercial enterprise. Search engines location a whole lot of emphasis on identification tags. When more than one pages have the identical title tag, the engines like google cut price the ones pages’ importance.

It is extremely critical to name the page with the keyword phrase the page is optimized for. It is pleasant if the key-word best is listed within the name. If that isn’t always viable, as a minimum the keyword must be first. For example: “Small Dog Collars” or “Small Dog Collars – YourSite.Com”

2. Although meta tags are given little significance nowadays by using the bigger search engines like google and yahoo, it’s far viable to misuse them and actually harm the web page. The biggest mistake I see with meta tags is for the meta description to be equal for each page. Pages with reproduction meta descriptions will go through greatly inside the rankings. The equal is going for the meta key phrases tag. The key-word tag ought to comprise ONLY those keywords observed on that page. Also, it’s miles crucial now not to place the equal phrase inside the meta tag descriptions extra than 3 times. Don’t make a list of meta keywords like this: massive collars, pink collars, small collars, leather-based collars, nylon collars. Search engines ought to see this as stuffing key phrases. Search engines don’t forget this spamming. It is tons better to leave out meta tags altogether than to misuse them.

Three. Internal linking is usually a real trouble. Too many links can cause the quest engine spider to quit indexing the website online earlier than it’s far truly completed. Google states that a domain must haven’t any more than 100 links on a web page. I endorse no more than 50. And this is nonetheless a LOT of links!

For search engine marketing purposes, the links have to always be made with text. Many designers create images for their linking. This could be very counterproductive for optimization functions. And alongside these lines, the navigation gadget have to by no means be in any form of javascript, Flash, or picture map. A hyperlink with anchor text “leather-based canine collars” which points to a page optimized for “leather canine collars” is the quality technique of linking for SEO functions.

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However, do now not become stuffing key phrases by means of having too many hyperlinks at the identical page with the identical phrase or words. For example, don’t have 1/2 of a page’s hyperlinks like this: big collars, leather collars, small collars, and so forth. Instead, have “collars” for the heading of the group and then have the hyperlinks “large”, “leather-based”, “small”, and so forth. Below. This isn’t flawlessly optimized, however, it’s miles better to be cautious than to hazard being seen as stuffing key phrases by way of the engines like google.

And ultimately, it’s far critical that every page to your website has multiple links to it. Pages that have handiest one incoming link will now not be ranked nicely. They may also be placed in Google’s supplemental index. It can be hard to paintings a web page out of the supplemental index once it’s miles in there.

Four. Links to other websites are frequently a problem too. The days of linking on your friend’s interest website online are over. Spamming has turn out to be any such trouble that the search engines have truly changed their algorithms with respect to links. A dog web page honestly cannot have links to a completely unrelated site which include a pottery website. I am now not pronouncing one single link to a non-associated web page will get your website banned, however just be aware this could be a trouble.
To make it a bit less difficult to inform your pal you can not link to his web page, tell your buddy that a hyperlink out of your canine website to their pottery site will do their pottery sight no top whatsoever. Although incoming hyperlinks are extraordinarily crucial to a domain, the incoming links MUST come from websites with a comparable subject matter. It is amazing on your dog web page to get a link from dog schooling, dog breeding, dog nutrients, and canine residence sites. A link on a pc internet site on your canine website may not advantage your site in any respect.

Many new website owners can also fall prey to scams which promise “hundreds” of incoming links for $29.99. There is a good danger those scammers will use what are called hyperlink farms. The serps keep in mind link farms to be spam. Always bear in mind, there’s no loose lunch!

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Five. Another scam which new website proprietors often waste cash on is paying money for submissions to “hundreds” of engines like google. There is sincerely no purpose in filing to even dozens of engines like google. When I create a new web page, I simply publish the website online to the institution of directories I have listed on my web page. Within weeks, every so often days, my new web page might be indexed through the top search engines. I in no way even bother filing directly to any search engines like google and yahoo…Now not even Google or Yahoo. It does not hurt to post to them, but it really works just as nice to get hyperlinks with the directories and with the aid of posting a few articles with your web site’s hyperlink to article directories.

Additionally, offers of “Guaranteed Inclusion” in engines like google are entire scams. Anyone can get a domain protected in all of the top serps. But getting listed on their first or 2nd pages goes to cost you extra than $29.Ninety-nine. It is going to require paintings!
There are ways to get superb listings inside the engines like google. One manner is to study primary SEO skills, do the paintings yourself, preserve learning about search engine marketing, and preserve tweaking your website as it works its manner higher and better in the engines like google. The different manner is to spend sufficient money to rent an expert Search Engine Marketer. For a small website, be organized to spend $500 greenbacks or greater.

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