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Should I Get Certified As A Windows Phone Developer?

The question approximately going into Windows Phone development is now being requested using an increasing number of cell developers. With Windows Phone being the fastest developing cellular running machine in 2013, Microsoft has doubled its marketplace share within the mobile industry within the ultimate 12 months. But is turning into a licensed Windows Phone Developer a terrific concept now? In this text, we urge you to suppose carefully.

Phone Developer

While the market proportion of the Windows Phone has been developing step by step in 2013 (making it the 0.33 most-used cell running device after Android and iOS), the giant made its closing declare for leading the cell world by using purchasing Nokia in September.

So now, Microsoft’s fundamental assignment seems to be growing an effective atmosphere for each telephone and drug. As they pass alongside, there’ll positively be a high call for Windows Phone Developers. Even now, Microsoft’s now not going terribly: with the combination of SkyDrive, Office Mobile, Office 365, and many others, the employer, is sure at the proper track. Yet, there is still a lot to work on, particularly within smaller/less expensive consumer apps, to step up the competition with the leader, Google’s Android. Not tremendously, in this example, the MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification may additionally seem like an amazing choice for you, as there’ll, in reality, be a growing demand in Windows Phone app developers. Yet, as it generally takes place, things are a bit extra complicated than they will seem. We’re going to try and persuade you that you’ll want at the least some HTML five understanding, up to a point whilst MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification may be a better long-time period purpose (in preference to the previous MCPD: Windows Phone Developer you will be eying).

Is there something incorrect with MCPD: Windows Phone Developer Certification?

Where do we begin? The element is, this certification is strongly targeted on Silverlight. This is exceptional, taken into consideration that this is what Windows Phone improvement is now based on. Yet, it could no longer be so first-class once you consider that Microsoft has quite lots dropped Silverlight in 2011. Do notice also that the certification consists of the 4th model of Silverlight amongst its steps, although the platform becomes updated to Silverlight 5 returned in 2011. So why haven’t they upon the date of the certification yet?

Although it will likely be supported till 2021, you don’t must be a genius to keep in mind that it may not close that long: Microsoft has introduced it would be shifting to HTML 5 as an alternative. Why might Microsoft kill its proprietary era? Just appearance a few years back, and it will likely be clean.

History Repeats

2 years after his death, Steve Jobs still stays the trendsetter of the tech international. And it’s not his gadgets (and the current loss of Apple’s innovation) we speak approximately. Do you recollect the outrage caused by Apple’s selection no longer to assist Flash on its gadgets? This way, Apple created the AppStore concept we know today: getting access to stuff you want via apps, which, in flip, brings big monetization capacity to the proprietors.

Looking back, possible now states that the conflict between Apple and Adobe over Flash had precipitated the HTML5 we use these days. And in 2011, Microsoft took the course of transferring away from the Silverlight closer to the usage of HTML5, hence closing the door on its personal proprietary era. The enterprise admitted it would be losing its efforts to make Silverlight the main pass-platform runtime for the internet and the computer.

What Exactly is Silverlight?


Microsoft Silverlight permits writing and jogging rich Internet programs, much like Adobe Flash. The run-time surroundings for Silverlight are to be had as a plug-in for net browsers strolling below Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Silverlight is capable of imparting video streaming. It has been used for the NBC insurance of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2008 conventions of America Democratic and Republican parties. Until these days, it has been utilized by Netflix to permit its on-the-spot video streaming. However, the service has introduced its switch to HTML5 within the near future.

Truth is instructed, Silverlight had compatibility issues with browsers for years, and plenty of developers weren’t crazy approximately its capabilities. Yet, it performed its task of an everyday platform for shipping wealthy online content, with online video streaming being fine and bright. Convenient? Yes! But as a user, could you purchase an app for something you may get without one, simply via your browser? We didn’t think so. And neither did Microsoft. So now the organization treats its own technology precisely how Apple dealt with Adobe’s Flash years in the past.

Of course, this platform is not something Microsoft can cast off within an afternoon: the agency will support Silverlight 5 until 2021. Although it is still able to seem far away, it is apparent that HTML5, a quicker and cleaner technology, will take its region. And, when you consider that Adobe has dropped Flash as a mobile platform for being too strength consuming and too slow, it’s just a matter of time until Microsoft does the same with Silverlight (even though it’s now not nearly as heavy).

Moreover, Microsoft is now faced with the need to capitalize on its Windows Phone and Nokia investment, and this is something Bill Gates’ corporation can over again analyze from their founder’s lifelong rival, Mr. Steve Jobs: heading towards a lean and constant app store-primarily based surroundings, where computing device and cell environment are harmonically aligned, and the monetization capacity is excessive. And, with Windows Phone showing the best growing prices this year, Microsoft appears to, in the end, be at the right tune.

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So, this article quite a great deal suggests why to consider that while having the MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification could be very beneficial in recent times (to get the task you want ASAP), you have to consider that the era could be possible to alternate soon. And, in case you already maintain a Windows Phone Developer certification, you may severely want to consider selecting upon a number of that HTML5 and JavaScript knowledge you may finally want – on a really expert degree. So, DO recall MCSD: Windows Store Apps to be more secure in this ever converting tech globally.

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