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Birmingham anchors central Alabama culture

Alabama regarded informally as the “Heart of Dixie,” has had a history each captivating and complex. And within the coronary heart of the Yellowhammer State lies Birmingham, Alabama’s biggest town and the treasure chest of its tradition. The Washington Times spent a weekend in and around Birmingham to revel in the history, tradition and hidden gems that make “The Magic City” a true Southern belle of urbanity.
Here’s the itinerary I undertook, and here’s what you could do too.

When Jesus Came to Birmingham


When Jesus Came to Birmingham changed into written by way of an Anglican minister named Geoffrey Stoddard Kennedy. He called his poem, ‘Indifference.” Kennedy served as a chaplain in the trenches of World War l wherein he earned the call “Woodbine Willie” due to his habit of giving Woodbine cigarettes to the injured and death squaddies.

Kennedy wrote this poem in the course of what turned into known as ‘the high-quality disillusion’ of the 1920’s. The English empire became crumbling, the ethical certainty of the Victorian age become eroding leaving in its vicinity handiest skepticism, cynicism and materialism. After four years of conflict, the British economic system became in tatters and poverty widespread besides for the few privileged. Kennedy’s love for England and his church dwindled within the midst of unemployment and the seeming disregard by the wealthy and religious for the desperate plight of the negative.

When Jesus got here to Golgotha, they hanged Him on a tree,
They drove outstanding nails via hands and ft, and made a Calvary;
They topped Him with a crown of thorns, pink have been His wounds and deep,
For the ones have been crude and cruel days, and human flesh became cheap.

When Jesus got here to Birmingham, they truly surpassed Him by.
They would not hurt a hair of Him, they simplest allow Him to die;
For guys had grown extra tender, and they’d now not deliver Him pain,
They most effective just handed down the street and left Him in the rain.

Still, Jesus cried, ‘Forgive them, for they understand no longer what they do,’
And still, it rained the wintry weather rain that sopping wet Him thru and through;
The crowds went domestic and left the streets without a soul to see,
And Jesus crouched in opposition to a wall and cried for Calvary.

I understand your deeds, that you are neither bloodless nor hot; I want that you were bloodless or warm. So due to the fact you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. Because you say, “I am rich and have grown to be rich, and feature wants of nothing,” and you do now not recognize that you are wretched and depressing and negative and blind and naked,…

Lin Wilder, DrPH is a former Hospital Director. For over ten years, Lin partnered along with her husband in two online lead era and marketing agencies. She now writes scientific thrillers full-time.

What Do Alabama Red-Bellied Turtles Prefer To Eat?


About Alabama Red-Bellied Turtles?

The Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle (Pseudemys Alaba menses) is often a species found solely in the kingdom of Alabama. In reality, it’s far the professional state reptile of Alabama.

Their head, neck, and legs are often marked with yellowish stripping. And as you would possibly have guessed from the call, their belly, or plastron, has an inclination to possess a reddish hue on it. There can also be darkish markings on occasion.

These colorings are especially extreme in children.

Where Can Alabama Red-Bellied Turtles Be Found?

Before we dive into what do Alabama red-bellied turtles consume, we first should apprehend their habitat. Generally talking this turtle enjoys freshwater canals, lakes, bayous, and swamplands. Overall they choose shallower waters.

This turtle species changed into once common via the complete decrease part of the flood plain of the Mobile River gadget in 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley and Mobile Counties, Alabama. Possibly at times, as a long way north as southern Monroe County.

However camping websites, and rancid-street vehicles have all but destroyed their last recognized huge scale nesting sites. Camp lighting, human disruption, and excessive noise are thought to be inflicting heavy reproductive failure.

What Do Alabama Red-Bellied Turtles Eat?

You’ll locate that Alabama red-bellied turtles have a tendency to pick a plant primarily based diet.

In The Wild:

These varieties of turtles are called herbivores and since they’re typically seen in small rivers and ponds, they will be predisposed to stay with low mendacity vegetation including:

Aquatic Plant lifestyles, Eel-Grass, Hydrilla, Brushy Pond-Weed, and so forth.

Although, they have been recognized to also devour Crayfish, Bugs, and small fish.

In The Home:

Although endangered, Alabama purple-bellied turtles have been visible to grow to be pets for various motives.

When thinking about what they eat as pets, you will locate that most of the equal items determined within the wild may be a part of a puppy turtles weight-reduction plan. You are able to feed them:

Earthworms, Lettuce, Carrots, Moss, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Algae, Fruit, and many others.

It is crucial to remember that, just like maximum aquatic turtles, Alabama pink-bellied turtles do not continually get a hundred% of the wanted vitamins in the meals they devour. Due to this, it’s miles smart to do your very pleasant to include a multi-vitamin supplement within their food.

In captivity, Alabama crimson-bellied turtles will without difficulty consume a number of the commercially reachable aquatic turtle foods as nicely.

That being said, it’s usually exceptional if you provide your pet turtle with as numerous a diet as possible to make certain exact fitness and right nutrients.

Things To Avoid When Feeding Alabama Red-Bellied Turtles?

As with each pet, you have to make certain that your Alabama red-bellied turtle could be as healthful as possible. Additionally, you want to make certain your family is as wholesome as it could be on the equal time.

Here are some beneficial recommendations to balance the both of first-rate worlds.

No Fried Foods: Avoid giving your turtle any form of oily food. No fried potatoes, donuts, onion earrings, etc.

No Sugary Foods: No candy, chocolate, or another sort of sugary foods. As nicely as being unhealthy for a turtle, those styles of ingredients tend to be hard and can pose a choking danger to your little buddy.

No Dairy Foods: For example milk, cheese, butter, and so forth. Turtles do not have the essential enzymes to correctly digest lactose.

No Sharing Foods: Avoid sharing foods or snacks with your turtle. Many turtles, like maximum aquatic animals, bring salmonella bacteria. Salmonella does no longer affect them as it does humans.

No Kissing: No significantly, do not kiss your turtle. Although they’re truly lovely at the same time as they’re younger or small, they bring about salmonella and the ultimate aspect you need is to end up unwell from your turtle.

No Dirty Hands: Whenever you manage your turtle make certain you wash each your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap.
The Right Performance Culture Starts on the Top


Measurement is the most practical way to create an overall performance way of life that is capable of taking the adventure to end up an excessive-performance employer. But it may not paintings speedy enough, or nearly as nicely, if it would not start with the senior leadership group.

Measuring what topics (and doing it properly and deliberately, and *not* the manner we have always completed it) shifts the way humans reflect consideration on:

overall performance
their contribution to the business enterprise
why they come to paintings every day.
In their article in HBR’s April 2016 issue, Culture Is Not the Culprit, Jay W. Lorsch and Emily McTague rightly factor out that solving the subculture is not often the right way to organizational performance issues. Rather, they describe how superb leaders don’t wait for a performance culture to permit measurement; they use dimension to permit an overall performance tradition.

The act of measuring triggers adjustments in the overall performance lifestyle of businesses.

I see it manifest all of the time:

Executive groups robotically say to me that the verbal exchange to re-articulate their direction in measurable terms is one of the fine conversations they have got had – a verbal exchange they ought to have had years ago.
Operational workforce says they experience enthusiastic about their new measures, and that for the first time they can see a bigger motive for coming to paintings – larger than their process and larger than themselves.
Dean Spitzer talks about the performance tradition like no-one else I understand. His e-book, Transforming Performance Measurement, is a classic. My replica has highlighted on each other web page, but one of the maximum powerful matters he has to say is this:

The key to success is MEASUREMENT. Measurement done properly can remodel your enterprise… Size is fundamental to excessive overall performance, development, and, ultimately, success in the commercial enterprise, or in any other vicinity of human enterprise.

The leadership team’s top two responsibilities are culture and direction.

Stever Robbins, the Get-It-Done Guy from one of the Quick and Dirty Tips podcasts, says that the remaining duty that rests completely on the CEO’s shoulders is the fulfillment or failure of the business enterprise. And the CEO’s pinnacle duties, which simplest they are able to perform, are building tradition and setting strategic direction.

And proper overall performance dimension brings a way of life and path collectively, catalyzing them each.

The senior leadership group simplest need to determine to take the first step at the course to proof-primarily based management and growing a performance way of life. Then momentum and small wins can construct on every other, like a reinforcing loop, and the subsequent steps, separately, will be a lot less complicated to hold with.

The quickest way to commit to proof-primarily based management, and trigger an excessive overall performance culture, is to start from the pinnacle: the senior leadership crew.

What are your reports with the achievement of measurement on your enterprise, based on the assist (or lack thereof) from your senior leadership group?

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