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6 Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life After Updating to iOS 7.1

No person likes a lifeless iPhone. If you recently updated yours to iOS 7.1, you know how plenty of a drain Apple’s trendy cellular update is on its battery existence — and for your persistence.

iPhone Battery Life

Don’t melancholy. We’ve got you included with those six short and smooth iPhone battery boosting guidelines and tricks. You’ll be back up and walking in no time (with any luck now, not into human beings and partitions and stuff at the same time as on foot and texting).

1. Trim the fat: close down all unnecessary apps. In case you’re executed posting selwi-fies on Instagram, close it. whilst you’re at it, shut down your email, Safari, fb, Twitter, or something else that’s open and doesn’t want to be. Apps left open constantly leech power out of your battery. No Bueno.

To shut down open apps, double-click on your iPhone’s domestic Button and swipe up on everyone to close it. Growth. Wireless.

2. Let the rip. Allowing allows your iPhone to gobble up much less strength when you’re doing something on it that wishes to get admission to information. To allow, visit Settings, pick out and log right into a network. True to move.

3. Kick back at the display brightness. Turning on the car-Brightness function stretches your battery existence by permitting the display to modify in keeping with the current lights situations. You may also truly wireless manually dim your display screen.

To enable car-Brightness, visit Settings, pick out Brightness & Wallpaper, and set the auto-Brightness to On.

To dim your screen brightness manually, visit Settings, select Brightness & Wallpaper, and drag the slider to the left, kind of like rejecting a healthy on Tinder, but manner less cool.

4. Ditch push notice-factions from apps. They basically annoy you besides, proper? No person wants LinkedIn to push, notifying them every time a hiring manager wants to join or a Facebook pop-up informing them that their 9th-grade geometry trainer commented on their reputation. Honestly, we like most app push notice-factions (especially the retweet type from Twitter), but, regrettably, they are large-time battery life suckers.

To show them off, go to Settings, pick out Notiwirelesscations, then choose the apps you need to disable and tweak your notiwirelesscation settings for every.

Choose from the following:

— change the Alert style to None.
turn Badge App Icon off.
— flip Sounds off.

New notice-fications may be received whilst you open your push-satiswiwireless apps once more. 5wireless. Fly in airplane Mode in locations with low and no cell coverage. Your iPhone blows quite a few battery juices seeking to hold a connection to the nearby mobile community that can suck up extra strength in low- and no-insurance regions. To wi-fi this hassle and boost your battery strength, switch to aircraft Mode by going into Settings and choosing it. We don’t suggest trying this trick if you’re waiting for an important name; plane Mode doesn’t let you make or get hold of calls.

6. Give vicinity services to the shaft. Apps that love area offerings, like Google Maps, Siri, Flipboard, to name some, are infamous battery existence slayers. To see which apps have currently used region offerings, go to your iPhone Settings, select privateness, and choose to place services. From here, you may turn off place services for individual apps.

To disable place offerings altogether, go to Settings, select privacy, select vicinity offerings, and actually switch the characteristic off. You’re now off the grid. Properly, by and large.

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