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Reasons to book flights direct at the airline


Travelling has become a necessity in today’s world. Whether going for a vacation or some business trip, traveling is inevitable. It can be done with ease if you have the correct information about your destination and the means of transport. Due to this, The number of people who travel by air has increased manifold over the years ..Booking flights should be the first thing on our mind when we are planning to go abroad .what are the best flight booking options? There are many ways through which one can plan their trips. One such way is online booking, where they get all the details regarding the ticket booked from an agent. Another option is offline booking, where they directly contact airlines and make reservations. With all these direct flights have become more popular than ever before. So what makes them so unique? Why should you book flights directly at the airline? Why not use third-party agents? What are the benefits of booking direct at the airline? Below are some of the Reasons to book flights directly at the airline.

1)You are guaranteed to get the lowest price available

This means that there will be no hidden charges like fuel surcharges etc. Also, most times, the prices offered by airlines are much lower than those provided by other agencies. If you compare both the fares, you would see that the food quoted by airlines is cheaper than any agency. In addition, booking directly also gives you access to exclusive deals and offers only airlines. These include discounts on baggage fees, upgrades, lounge passes, etc. You may even receive free meals while flying!

2)No hidden costs

Another advantage of booking flights directly is that they offer great value for money. There are no hidden charges involved in this method. The price charged by airlines is transparent and easy to understand. So, you never have to worry about getting trapped in some scam. While booking through agencies, you may face unexpected costs due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, while checking in, luggage might incur extra charges. You don’t have to worry about booking directly because everything is mentioned upfront when you book through an agency. There will be certain charges levied as part of the service fee. These include taxes, fuel surcharges, baggage handling charges, airport departure/arrival tax, etc. If you book directly, then no extra charge will be added.

3)Availability of seats

The availability of seats plays a crucial role in deciding where to go next. If there aren’t enough seats left in your preferred destination, then you need to look out for other goals as well. It would help if you also remembered that specific routes are prevalent among tourists, so it’s better to avoid those routes. Booking directly guarantees you a better seat. This is because you can recommend your seating preferences now to the airline. Cathay Pacific airline ensures that customer needs are met efficiently.

4) Easy cancellation policy

The cancellation policies vary depending upon the type of agency you use. Some companies charge hefty penalties, whereas others allow you to change/cancel without paying fees. If you book directly, you don’t have to pay anything extra at the airline because you want to cancel the trip. You must cancel the reservation within 24 hours; otherwise, the penalty applies. However, you do not have to follow any specific time frame when you book directly. You can call the airline concerned and ask them to release the seat. They will immediately refund the money back to you.

5) Convenience

When you book directly, you enjoy maximum convenience. Since you do not have to deal with multiple people, you can easily manage your schedule. Moreover, you can check in online and print tickets right away. Also, you get access to special offers and discounts offered by different websites. If you book through an agent, you have to wait until the entire process gets completed. Whereas when you book directly, you get instant confirmation and proceed further. Also, most of the time, you won’t even be required to talk to anyone else except the person you dealt with earlier.

8) Flexibility

There are instances when you miss connecting flights. It happens sometimes, but when you book directly, you have the freedom to reroute yourself according to your convenience. You can decide whether you wish to fly first class or economy based on your budget. You can even opt for business class instead of a premium cabin. However, most importantly, you can switch between carriers whenever you feel like doing so.

In travel interruptions, it becomes difficult for agents to find a suitable alternative flight. This makes their job more complicated. On the contrary, if you book directly, you can always choose another option which suits you best. Booking flights directly at the airline also gives you the flexibility to change your date without paying an additional amount. It would be best to inform the airline that you want to change your dates and deliver the only difference between the two fares.

7)No Hassle

Booking directly eliminates all kinds of the hassle associated with travel agents. It saves time and energy, which would otherwise be spent going back and forth with them. Also, if something goes wrong during the journey, you won’t have to wait for days before finding someone to resolve the problem.

8)Loyalty programs

Airline loyalty programs are designed to encourage repeat business among its passengers. These programs typically award members free upgrades, priority seating, extra baggage allowances, early boarding privileges, discounted fares, and other benefits. Airlines use these programs to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Booking your flight direct You can also earn points based on how much you fly each year. Points earned can be redeemed for airfare credits or even merchandise. The best part about this program is that it doesn’t require any effort on your part. Just buy your ticket and sit back and watch the rewards roll in.

9)Excellent Customer care

The customer support team of airlines is always ready to help you out whenever required. This includes providing information regarding different types of tickets, changing itinerary if needed, assistance during boarding, etc. On the contrary, agents often make you feel helpless and unprofessional.


Flight booking should be made wisely and orderly to avoid unnecessary troubles later. Booking directly from the airline itself ensures that you receive better deals and convenient services. So next time when you need to make a flight reservation, choose to go direct booking to an airline. There’s no doubt about that. Booking directly helps you save money as well as time. So why waste both? Go ahead and make your next holiday memorable!

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