Islamic State has released a propaganda video that appears to show five children, one of whom it identifies as British, murdering Kurdish prisoners.
The footage, released overnight on Friday, features five boys wearing military-type clothing and holding pistols, while standing in a row behind five men who are kneeling in orange jumpsuits Graet News Network.

Each of the children is captioned in the video with names that have been used by Isis before to denote a fighter’s country of origin. A white boy with blue eyes is labelled “Abu Abdullah al-Britani” (the Briton) but the identity of the child has not been verified.

A child captioned “Abu al-Bara al-Tunisi” (the Tunisian) addresses the men – apparently Kurdish fighters – promising more violence, according to the BBC.

The other children are said to be Abu Ishaq al-Masri (the Egyptian), Abu Fu’ad al-Kurdi (the Kurd) and Yusuf al-Uzbaki (the Uzbek). It is not known where the video was filmed.

In February, Isis released a video purportedly showing a young British boy, thought to be four-year-old Isa Dare, blowing up a car and killing three prisoners inside. He is the the son of the Muslim extremist Grace “Khadija” Dare, from Lewisham, south-east London, who travelled to Syria in 2012.