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Boman Irani, Raveena Tandon



Mumbai: A notion, a special man or woman and my international are some of the phrases that famous celebrities like Raveena Tandon, Boman Irani, and Arshad Warsi have used to salute their moms to mark the event of Mothers Day.

Raveena Tandon: Being a mother of 4 kids has taught me lots about myself and life in widespread. It has taught me approximately my personal power and capacity to deal with any state of affairs irrespective of how tough it is. This strength has helped me in elevating robust, loving, independent and glad kids, able to following their personal desires.
Arshad Warsi: Every day is Mother’s Day to me. I lost my mother and father at a very early age so it way plenty to me. I used to have a look at in a boarding school so, I couldn’t even meet them that often. It really makes me feel the absence. My children, on the different hand, rejoice Mother’s Day with all the pleasure. They make playing cards, do different paintings for my wife and the whole thing. Mothers mean loads.

Boman Irani: My mother way the arena to me.

She has been my rock and has recommended me at each sphere of my existence – be it schooling to my adventure of turning into an actor. Today something I am, it’s far all because of her. Even nowadays, she guides me each time I need someone to look up to. With her, I nonetheless sense childlike – young and energetic.
Param Singh: I want to thank my mother for all that she has taught me. She has been instrumental in shaping me as someone and anything I am today. My love for my mother is immeasurable and I can do anything for her.
Anuja Sathe: It may sound cliched, however, yes for me each day is Mother’s Day. Having stated that, I experience an afternoon dedicated to mothers is unique and sweet. I am head over heels with my mom. She remains in Pune but I am usually connected together with her.
Manish Wadhwa: I start every day with my mother’s benefits. Although May 14 is a special day for all mothers, I have a good time it on May five as it’s her birthday. We have a good time her birthday and feature a whole lot of a laugh and provide her a number of joy and love.

Utpal Dutt Versus Boman Irani Versus Paresh Rawal


Strange comparison? I feel those three are the best person actors that ever hit the Hindi film enterprise. So who turned into the best of all of them? Well, we want to take a more in-depth study their careers and paintings to determine this.

Utpal Dutt becomes a big expertise. People by and large do not forget him for the pleasant Hrishikesh Mukherji and Basu Chatterji comedies including Naram Garam, Shaukeen, Golmal, Rang Birangi and Guddi. The characters he portrayed in those films stay extra influential than the lead gamers of the movies. However, there has been lots extra to Utpal Dutt’s acting than just comedy. I still can not forget about the chilling villain in the Vinod Khanna and Shabana Azami starter Shake. Apart from having acted in more than 200 films in numerous languages,

He could talk eight languages; inside the starting of his career

He directed more than hundred exceptional performs. He performed many extreme roles in Bengali films directed by noted directors together with Mrinal Sen and Satyajit Ray. The maximum extremely good out of them being Bhuvan Shome, that got him a country wide award. He also worked in multiple English movies from Merchant Ivory productions. This article has limitations in describing the brilliance of Utpal Dutt. Just the sheer variety of characters he played was captivating. He even played a few villains with a comical tinge like in Barsat Ki Ek Raat and The Great Gambler.

Boman Irani is surprisingly new and is plenty younger than Utpal Dutt.

He is a talented actor from a distinctive generation altogether. But one thing not unusual in them was that they each began their careers in theater. Boman won repute in the 2003 comedy traditional Munnabhai MBBS. His funny villain was a memorable overall performance. He additionally appeared in the sequel to the film called Lage Raho Munnabhai. He earned his first Filmfare award for the excellent assisting actor in three Idiots in a function much like Munnabhai. He changed into nominated for the award three times before. He additionally recently got conferred a quotation from Canadian authorities.


Raveena Tandon: I have been mocked at on social media


Raveena Tandon, who has lent her voice to the person of Anjani, the mother of the young Hanuman in the approaching film, ‘Hanuman Da Damdaar’, is quite vocal on social media structures about issues which might be near her coronary heart. The actress admits that she has frequently been mocked with the aid of many who hit out saying that she ought to no longer have paintings which are why she is voicing her opinion on social issues on the platform. Raveena elaborates, “I actually have become down such a lot of films that have come my way inside the latest past.
The listing consists of ‘Chashme Buddoor’, ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’, ‘Gulaab Gang’ and ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. When I have said I am selective about my paintings, I was mocked at on social media systems. That’s the cause I now want to name the movies which I have no longer chosen to do.”

I didn’t want to be number one forever: Raveena Tandon


For Raveena Tandon, motherhood is a full-time task. When I meet Tandon at her workplace to talk approximately her approaching release Maatr, she’s followed through her puppy Labrador – senior citizen Dumbbell. Her happy mood in some way brings us to the topic of books and studying. Tandon reads anything below the solar, from history, anthropology, spirituality to English literature and is constantly searching out recommendations. The reccos aren’t just for her although, however for her kids, Rasha, aged 12 and Ranbir nine.

Acting yet again

In Maatr, Tandon plays a mom who along with her 12-year-vintage daughter is a rape survivor, who whilst denied justice, seeks revenge. When she was approached with the difficulty, it took little or no to persuade Tandon, because the movie captured her deepest issues as a parent. “It talks approximately the frustrations approximately the not unusual guy, and the failure of the judicial device. We all live on this bubble that it’s going to never happen to us. The thing is now these crimes are being devoted brazenly, overtly. There is no worry of the law, there’s no fear of whatever. Something severely wishes to be executed. The scariest element is how humans are slowly getting indifferent,” she says with seen anger.

Maatr changed into shot in 39 days, and finished in April remaining year. Even because the put up production changed into on in Mumbai, 3 months later, newspapers flashed the news of a gang rape of a mother-daughter before their circle of relatives. “What we labored around inside the movie befell in truth. It become like taking pictures 11th of September before September 11 came about. It was so eerie,” she says.

A passionate supporter of girls’s causes, whilst Tandon met Jyoti Singh’s mom at a public occasion,

Her cry for justice pointing at the indifference of politicians made a deep effect on her. “[It’s] due to the fact we tolerate. We tolerate stupid remarks that come out of political leaders and lawmakers whom we vote into electricity,” she states passionately.

Because Tandon’s man or woman is a college teacher inside the movie, her revenge is all approximately thoughts-video games. She says, “It’s now not as though she has long past trigger happy. It’s no longer Kill Bill. Taking the regulation for your palms is something I don’t condone in any respect. But this is a work of fiction. This is just a tale. Tomorrow it may turn out to be a person’s fact.”

Maatr will release this Friday and could lock horns with Noor, every other girl-centric movie toplined by using Sonakshi Sinha. Interestingly, Noor is being allotted by way of her husband Anil Thadani who has been barred from looking Maatr. “He wanted to look at, however I didn’t want him to. He will get very disturbed,” she says.

Enjoying motherhood

Tandon, long appeared because the intercourse symbol from the 90s with her memorable chartbusting numbers and a faithful fan following is slowly emerging from a sabbatical. Tandon prioritised time for her family whilst firmly placing her film profession on the backburner. “I wanted to revel in my being pregnant. I wanted to place my [feet] up. I ate ice cream, gulab jamun and something came in front of me. I didn’t need to wake up at five o’clock inside the morning and begin doing makeup,” she admits.

Tandon’s mythical song, ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ from the 1994 movie, Mohra continues to be hotly discussed on social media forums even nowadays. How does she examine her past as a sex image? “I never saw it that way. I actually have always believed in sensuality and now not sexuality. This is the road I were pronouncing from the 90s. I trust you can appearance hot even you’re completely protected,” is her brief response.

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