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Blogger IOS App – What’s the Point?

Blogger ios App is another one in a series of apps designed to help you blog your way. In this one, you can create posts and publish them on the Blogger platform. This app will also help you with post-scheduling, analytics, and comments.

Many people have asked me why I’m making a blogger app. My answer is simple. I want to help others struggling to make a living online.

I’ve been writing since 2007, and even though I’ve made money online by teaching others how to do the same, it wasn’t until I started building my blog in 2013 that I found success.

Today, I have a lot of things to share with you to help you make money online. However, one of the biggest problems I see is that many people don’t know how to start a blog.

My friend Adam was talking to me about how he discovered his girlfriend cheated on him when they were together in college. He had known her for a long time but didn’t think anything of it. Then she told him something that made him want to call her mom and throw up all over her house.

blogger ios app

IOS app development

That’s when I realized it would be great if I could save time to focus on what I’m good at and enjoy doing.

As an Android developer, I’ve been a big fan of mobile apps for some time. I’ve always thought that Android apps were better than their iOS counterparts. But I haven’t written an Android app for myself because of the time it takes to code.

It’s easy to use and has the most up-to-date APIs and features. All you have to do is pick a template and add a description. After that, you can easily publish the post.

You can also upload images and embed videos. I created the app with a simple interface and no complicated coding.

You can check out my post about the app here.

Blog title: How to Do SEO Without Doing SEO – 7 Powerful Strategies

Blog hook: You want more organic traffic to your website, but you struggle to rank on page one. This is a tale as old as the first Google slap. Luckily for you, I have the answer.

Blog intro: The art of doing SEO without doing SEO is like Bruce Lee’s art of fighting without fighting. While your competitors are grinding out content and begging for links, use these non-SEO hacks to drive sweet traffic to your website.

Write guest posts

Guest posting is a tried and tested strategy that has proven to work. And now, thanks to tools like BuzzSumo, it’s even easier to write engaging guest posts.

There are several ways to approach this strategy, but my preferred method is to reach out to sites that cover similar topics.

If you find a site that covers the same topic as yours, then you can ask if they

App store optimization

Over the past three years, I’ve built up an audience of nearly 1,000 followers, and I’m constantly trying to make a living online. It’s not always easy, but I’m starting to see some results.

A major part of this process is optimizing my apps for the Apple Store. I’ve been working on this process for almost a year now, and I’m glad to say that I’ve finally cracked the code.

App Marketing

My first app was about blogging. In it, I taught people how to make their blogs. Since then, I’ve released many apps on various topics, including creating an Instagram account, launching a website from scratch, making YouTube videos, building a mailing list, and even marketing your own business.

I’ve even created a few that teach people how to get rich online.

All of these apps have been downloaded thousands of times. Many of my readers have told me they’ve shared my apps with their family and friends.

That’s why I’ve decided to make a guide on how to make a successful blogger app.

What’s the point?

First, if you don’t have any ideas for an app, you can always start with a free app called “Make a Free App.”

Secondly, I know what it’s like to struggle, and I want to help those who are just starting.

IOS app reviews

Since I started my blog, I’ve had many readers ask me how I got so much traffic to my site.

I’ve always been pretty good at writing content that helps my audience grow, but I’m often puzzled by the lack of organic traffic.

I’ve written many articles, and they’ve all done pretty well on their own. But the problem is that much of my traffic comes from sources other than Google and social media.

That’s why I decided to create a blogger app, allowing bloggers to write about a product, review it, and add a link to their website in a single app.

Frequently asked questions About the blogger ios app

Q: Why did you create a blog on Instagram?

A: Because I wanted to share my experiences as a fashion blogger.

Q: Will I be getting free stuff from your app?

A: No. I make money selling merchandise on my site, but with an app like this, it would not be easy to track all purchases and provide enough incentives to motivate users to buy items.

Q: Do you plan on doing giveaways, contests, or anything special for the launch of your app?

A: I plan to launch a contest with my social media followers. The winner will receive the first $20 in merchandise for their first order.

Q: Are you planning on doing other types of promotions, such as discounts?

A: I am currently working on a deal that is exclusive to the app.’

 Top myths about blogger ios app

1. Hypothyroidism is rare.

2. Hypothyroidism only occurs in older adults.

3. Hypothyroidism can only occur as a result of an autoimmune problem.


There is no doubt that the app is a good way to keep track of your articles. But it also has many other features that make it worth using.

So, let’s dive into the details. First, you can use the app to post new articles or edit older ones. Second, you can add images and videos to your posts. Third, you can use it to manage your social media accounts. Fourth, you can use it to comment on articles you read online. Fifth, you can use it to create groups and chat with other members. And finally, you can use it to create polls and quizzes.

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