Aside from having a good tale and a very good iPad children’s e-book app developer, you may want some interactive elements that allow you to self-submit and get your kid’s e-book accepted as an app. If now not, you’ll be told to post your e book as an iBook. Besides, the iPad can achieve this a good deal extra to your children’s book than just plain text and photos. With that during thoughts, there are some key factors that you may need to paintings on with the intention to deliver your iPad children’s book developer a clearer concept of ways you need your iPad children’s e book app to seem and characteristic.

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The steps outlined under will provide a strong foundation as a way to paintings with an iPad kid’s book app developer to complete your app. You should be able to do quite a chunk of the work to your very own using a images program along with PhotoShop, PhotoPaint, etc., a text record editor inclusive of Wordpad or MS Word, and a spreadsheet program consisting of MS Excel.

For every report you create to your iPad kid’s ebook app, it is vital, to begin with, and stay with, an excellent document naming structure. For example, if your app is called “MyApp”, and you have a photo of a rabbit on page three, then you may want to name that document something like “MyApp_rabbit_1_page3_xxyyzz.Png”, wherein xxyyzz is month/day/year. This turns into even extra critical if you have any photographs or many revisions of photographs to paintings with. Otherwise, it is very difficult for absolutely everyone concerned to make sure they’re running with a suitable photograph.

1) Create a text report containing the text for your tale, damaged down into sections for each person web page of your app. This also can a very good vicinity to add notes for each web page to help your iPad kid’s ebook developer all through improvement. You can pick out to add your notes to this newsletter document, or a better approach is to create a separate Excel spreadsheet that details each web page for your iPad kid’s ebook app.

2) Create a rough storyboard for each web page to your iPad children’s ebook app. These pages could consist of the startup splash display, identify the page, index page, help page, story pages, and many others. Each web page needs to be a hard pencil sketch of the history artwork, characters, objects, and text. The cause is to get a rough idea of how the whole lot is going to suit on the web page, and the way the pages will go with the flow together. The historical past snap shots must be 1024×768 pixels in length, PNG format, enough to fill the iPad display.

Three) Once you have got your first storyboard pages completed, discover factors, characters, and many others. That you’d want to be interactive or lively. These items will need to be drawn as separate snap shots later so as to animate them. For instance, you may need for you to touch a ball and feature it soar throughout the display. To try this, the ball wishes to be drawn as a separate photo with a transparent background so your iPad kid’s book app developer can animate the ball. The usual report layout for those images are PNG, and the dimensions must usually be the dimensions which you need at the iPad display screen ( relative to the 1024×768 background image ). Sometimes you can want objects created on a bigger scale if you, for example, want so that you can make the item larger whilst touching it, and so forth. Having your iPad kid’s ebook app developer working with you at this stage is ideal, as they assist you to perceive the excellent approaches to animate and engage with your iPad kid’s e book app.

Four) Once you’ve worked out all of the objects you want to engage with or animate, now it’s time to complete the color background pictures for each page in your iPad children’s e-book app. This may even help you to pick the shade and location of textual content, characters, and other factors that you may use for your iPad kid’s book app.

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5) Now that your historical past pics are prepared, it is time to paintings at the characters and other objects to your iPad children’s ebook app. These items are located at the iPad screen in layers. So think of your historical past photograph as layer 1, and then your different items are delivered in layers on top of that layer. For example, for a person to sit on a chair and have both animated, the chair and man or woman might need to be separate pictures. The historical past image is located on layer 1, the chair on layer 2, and the individual on layer 3. That way the character is in the foreground and the chair is behind it. You can use as many layers as you want.

6) Now that you have color heritage photos, textual content, characters and objects created, it’s time to locate this all collectively into a new set of storyboard pages much like those in step 2.

7) Once your color storyboards are ready, it’s time to start considering sounds. You may additionally need history music, narration, and sound effects for sure items on your iPad kid’s e-book app. Audio files can grow the size of your app considerably, so it’s pleasant to keep sound outcomes to three seconds or less and preserve background music to short loops to storage space. The normal report format to your audio files could be either mp3, caf, or wav.

8) Now it is time to start operating on the icons for your iPad kid’s book app. It’s vital to consider your icons as one of the first matters people see about your app. It’s a primary influence, and also tells human beings some thing approximately your app. It’s also essential to think of how your icon will appear within the one-of-a-kind sizes required. For instance, your primary icon as seen on iTunes is 512×512 pixels, and the icon seen at the iPad predominant screen is 114×114 pixels. These 2 icons want to be the same image, however exclusive scales. There are different sizes required, however, those are primary icon sizes that you need to keep in mind on this first pass. Typically you simplest need to present your iPad kid’s e book app developer the 512×512 pixel icon photograph and they’ll create all the different icons from that image.

9) Now that most of the foundation information on your iPad kid’s e-book app is ready, it is time to sign on as an Apple iOS developer. To try this, go to the Apple developer website and sign up as an iOS Developer. The current fee is $99 in line with yr, and that fee is for as many apps as you need to self-put up. Once you’ve finished the join up manner, contracts, and banking statistics, you will be equipped to sign up your first app for submission. Even although your app may not be equipped for submission, you could still check in the name on your app which could maintain the call for you for 90 days.

To put together your iPad kid’s e book app for submission, you’ll also want to put in writing an outline in your app for iTunes, and use the 512×512 icon and a number of the shade storyboard images as temporary screenshots. It’s also an amazing idea to have a primary internet site setup to promote your kid’s book app for iPad, in addition to a support e mail deal with where customers can attain help.

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For what I call level 1 of app discovery, for your app description, recognition on the first three sentences as considered on an iPad, and primary 2 sentences as considered on iTunes thru a PC. These each workout to be the first 214 characters and are the text that humans see before they click on something in addition.

Also, suppose cautiously approximately your app description key phrases. These are delivered in a separate line whilst you put together to post your app and are used for App Store SEO to drive clients to look your app inside the App Store. A correct test is to use an iPhone and iPad tool and search for your key phrases in iTunes and spot what apps arise.

10) Once you’ve got completed all of the steps above, if you haven’t already, it’s time to bring in your iPad children’s book app developer to study and paintings on assisting you build and manual you thru the rest of the process of the way to self-publish your children’s ebook app for iPad.