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The Montessori Education System and the Desire to Learn

In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire talks about what he calls the banking device of education. In the banking system, the scholar is seen as an object wherein the instructor need to vicinity statistics. The pupil has no obligation for the cognition of any type; the scholar needs to virtually memorize or internalize what the instructor tells her or him. Paulo Freire changed into very a great deal opposed to the banking gadget. He argued that banking gadget is a system of manipulating and not a gadget meant to effectively educate. In the banking gadget, the teacher is supposed to mildew and trade the behavior of the scholars, from time to time in a way that almost resembles a combat. The teacher tries to force facts down the scholar’s throat that the pupil won’t believe or care approximately.

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This procedure, in the end, leads maximum college students to dislike college. It additionally leads them to expand a resistance and a terrible mindset toward learning in popular, to the factor wherein most people might not are seeking for understanding unless it’s far required for a grade in a category. Freire idea that the only manner to have a real schooling, wherein the students have interaction in cognition, was to trade from the banking device into what he described as hassle-posing training. Freire described how a problem-posing educational system may want to work in Pedagogy of the Oppressed by means of pronouncing, “Students, as they are an increasing number of posed with troubles relating to themselves inside the international and with the world, will experience increasingly challenged and obliged to reply to that task. Because they apprehend the project as interrelated to different issues within a total context now not as a theoretical query, the ensuing comprehension has a tendency to be increasingly critical and hence constantly much less alienated”(81). The educational system developed via the Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori presents a tested and effective form of trouble-posing training that leads its college students to growth their preference to research as opposed to inhibiting it.

Freire provides the main problems with the banking concept. The first one is that inside the banking idea a student is not required to be cognitively energetic. The pupil is supposed to actually memorize and repeat statistics, not to recognize it. This inhibits the scholars’ creativity, destroys their hobby in the subject, and transforms them into passive beginners who do not understand or believe what they’re being taught however receive and repeat it due to the fact they have a no different alternative. The 2nd and extra dramatic result of the banking concept is that it gives an extensive strength to individuals who select what is being taught to oppress folks who are obliged to research it and be given it. Freire explains that the issues lie in that the trainer holds all the keys, has all of the answers and does all the thinking. The Montessori method to training does the complete opposite. It makes students do all the thinking and trouble solving in order that they come at their personal conclusions. The instructors sincerely help manual the student, however, they do now not tell the pupil what’s actual or fake or how a problem may be solved.

In the Montessori machine, even though a student unearths a manner to solve a hassle this is slower or much less effective than a trendy mechanical way of solving the problem, the instructor will now not interfere with the pupil’s technique due to the fact this way the student learns to locate solutions by himself or herself and to think about creative methods to work on special troubles.

The educational device inside the United States, especially from grade college to the end of excessive faculty, is sort of equal to the banking method to education that Freire described. During high college, most of what college students do is sit in a class and take notes. They are then graded on how well they entire homework and tasks and ultimately they may be tested to reveal that they could reproduce or use the know-how which became taught. Most of the time the students are simplest receptors of facts and that they take no part in the introduction of expertise. Another manner in which the U.S. Education system is nearly the same as the banking system of schooling is the grading machine. The grades of college students often replicate how plenty they agree to the trainer’s ideas and what sort of they are inclined to follow guidelines. Grades replicate submission to authority and the willingness to do what is informed extra than they mirror one’s intelligence, hobby inside the class, or expertise of the fabric this is being taught. For example, in a government elegance inside the United States a scholar who does not agree that a consultant democracy is superior to another form of government will do worse than a student who definitely accepts that a representative democracy is higher than a right away democracy, socialism, communism, or every other form of social device. The U.S. Education machine rewards those who accept as true with what is being taught and punishes folks that do not.

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Furthermore, it discourages students from thinking and doing and taking into consideration their personal. Because of the repetitive and insipid nature of our education device, most students dislike excessive school, and in the event that they do properly on their paintings, it’s miles simply for the motive of acquiring a grade instead of mastering or exploring a brand new idea.

The Montessori Method advocates baby primarily based coaching, letting the scholars take manage of their own education. In E.M Standing’s The Montessori Revolution in Education, Standing says that the Montessori Method “is a way based totally at the principle of freedom in an organized surrounding”(five). Studies accomplished on two businesses of college students of the a long time of 6 and 12 comparing those who study in a Montessori to folks that research in a popular faculty environment display that notwithstanding the Montessori machine having no grading system and no compulsory paintings load, it does as well as the usual device in both English and social sciences; however Montessori college students do a great deal higher in arithmetic, sciences, and hassle solving. The Montessori gadget lets in for college students if you want to explore their pursuits and curiosity freely. Because of this, the Montessori device pushes students towards the energetic pursuit of understanding for delight, meaning that scholars will want to analyze and will discover about things that interest them without a doubt because it’s for a laugh to do so.

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The Montessori Method specializes in the family members among the kid, the grownup, and the environment. The baby is seen as a character in development. The Montessori device has an implied belief of letting the child be what the child would evidently be. Montessori believed the same old training device reasons kids to lose many childish traits, some of which can be taken into consideration to be virtues. In Loeffler’s Montessori in Contemporary American Culture, Loeffler states that “among the trends that disappear are not handiest untidiness, disobedience, sloth, greed, egoism, quarrelsomeness, and instability, however additionally the so-called ‘innovative imagination’, delight in tales, attachment to people, play, submissiveness and so forth”. Because of this perceived lack of the kid, the Montessori system works to permit an infant to clearly develop self-confidence as well as the capacity and willingness to act are trying to find knowledge and discover precise solutions to issues by means of wondering creatively. Another essential difference in how kids research inside the Montessori system is that inside the Montessori gadget an infant has no defined time slot in which to perform a task. Instead, the kid is allowed to carry out a venture for as long as he wants. This leads kids to have a higher ability to pay attention and recognition on a single venture for an extended period of time that children have inside the fashionable schooling machine.

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