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Select the Right NOx Control Technology

Most important industrialized city regions within the U.S. Cannot meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone. Atmospheric studies have shown that ozone formation results from a complicated set of chemical reactions concerning risky organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Those research imply that many urban regions with VOC/NOx ratios extra tan 15:1 can reduce ambient ozone ranges best with the aid of lowering NOx emissions. Many states, consequently, are enforcing NOx control regulations for combustion gadgets that allow you to attain compliance with the NAAQS ozone well-known.

Control Technology

This article discusses the characterization of NOx emissions from commercial combustion devices. It then offers steerage on the way to evaluate the relevant NOx control technology and pick out an appropriate control approach.

Characterizing Emissions

Most business combustion gadgets have not been tested to establish their baseline NOx emission ranges. Rather, the NOx emissions from those devices have been truly envisioned using various factors. However, in light of new guidelines, it is mandatory that the NOx emissions from affected gadgets now be known with certainty. This will establish every unit’s gift compliance repute and permit definition of rate applicable manage technology for those gadgets so one can require an amendment to gain compliance.

It is, therefore, important to test each combustion device to verify its NOx emissions characteristics. The testing process ought to be streamlined to offer well-timed and essential data for making choices concerning the applicability of NOx control technologies.

The primary method is to pick one device from a class of devices (this is, of equal layout and size) for characterization checking out (NOx, CO2, and 02). Testing is conducted at 3 load points representing the ordinary working variety of the unit, with excess oxygen variant checking out carried out at every load factor. Figure 1 illustrates the typical characterization take a look at effects. The closing units in the class are examined at the handiest one load factor, at or close to complete load.

The operational information acquired in the course of testing, at the side of the NOx and CO records, is used to define every unit’s compliance fame and the relevant NOx manipulate technologies for the one’s gadgets that have to be modified. In maximum instances, this technique will permit multiple devices to be tested in the future and provide the essential operational information the engineer desires to compare the ability NOx manage technologies correctly.

Fundamental Concepts

Reasonably to be had manage technology (RACT) standards for NOx emissions are described in phrases of an emission restrict, consisting of 0.2 lb NOx/MMBtu, instead of mandating Specific NOx manage technology. Depending on the fuel-fired and the layout of the combustion device, a myriad of management technologies can be possible alternatives. Before selecting RACT for a selected combustion device, it is necessary to apprehend how NOx emissions are fashioned to formulate the proper manipulation approach.


Thermal NOx formation in fuel-, oil-. And coal-fired gadgets effects from the thermal fixation of atmospheric nitrogen within the combustion air. Early investigations of NOx formation have been based totally upon kinetic analyses for gaseous gasoline combustion. These analyses through Zeldovich yielded an Arrhenius-type equation displaying the relative importance of time, temperature, and oxygen and nitrogen concentrations on NOx formation in a pre-combined flame (this is, the reactants are thoroughly combined before combustion).

While thermal NOx formation in combustion gadgets can not honestly be decided using the Zeldovich courting, it does illustrate the significance of the main factors that Influence thermal NOx formation and that NOx formation will increase exponentially with combustion temperatures above 2.800°F.

Experimentally measured NOx formation fees near the flame quarter are higher than those expected with the aid of the Zeldovich relationship. This unexpectedly forming NO is known as set-off NO. The discrepancy among the anticipated and measured thermal NOx values is attributed to the simplifying assumptions used in the derivation of the Zeldovich equation, consisting of the equilibrium assumption that O = ½ 02. Near the hydrocarbon-air flame area, the concentration of the shaped radicals, including O and OH, can exceed the equilibrium values, which complements the charge of NOx formation. However, the significance of spark off NO in NOx emissions is negligible compared to thermal and gas NOx.

When nitrogen is added to the fuel, unique characteristics are observed. The NOx shaped from the reaction of the gas nitrogen with oxygen is called fuel NOx. The most common form of gas nitrogen is organically bound nitrogen found in liquid or strong fuels. Man or woman nitrogen atoms are bonded to carbon or different atoms. These bonds destroy extra easily than the diatomic N2 bonds so that gasoline NOx formation costs can be lots higher than those of thermal NOx. In addition, any nitrogen compounds (e.G., ammonia) delivered into the furnace react in a great deal the identical way.

Fuel NOx is much more sensitive to stoichiometry than to thermal conditions. For this reason, traditional thermal remedies, which include flue fuel recirculation and water injection, do not efficaciously reduce NOx emissions from liquid and stable gasoline combustion.


NOx emissions may be controlled both in the course of the combustion process or after combustion is whole. Combustion control technology relies upon air or fuel staging techniques to benefit the kinetics of NOx formation or introduce inerts that inhibit the formation of NOx all through combustion or each. Post-combustion manipulates technology by introducing reactants in certain temperature regimes that break NOx either with or without the use of a catalyst to sell the destruction.

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