The City of London Police Highbrow Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has teamed up with the Track Publishers Association (MPA), making it the 7th associate to sign up for its ‘Operation Innovative’ initiative.

PIPCU stated on 19 August that the MPA had grown to be the maximum recent addition to the initiative designed to disrupt and prevent websites from imparting unauthorised get entry to the copyrighted content.

Operation Innovative already has a plethora of Innovative industries backing it, along with the Federation In opposition to Copyright Robbery, the Publishers Association and PRS for Song Page Papi.
PIPCU released Operation Innovative in April 2014 with the goal to “disrupt criminal profits which might be generated from web sites imparting get entry to to stolen and infringing content together with Tune, movies, books and games”.

The initiative drives the Infringing Internet site List, which contains statistics on copyright infringing web sites this is researched with the aid of Innovative industries and confirmed by using PIPCU.

Detective Leader Inspector Peter Ratcliffe, head of PIPCU, said: “I’m thrilled to welcome the MPA to the Operation Innovative Initiative.”

“The PIPCU is committed to reducing the effect of Intellectual Belongings crime on the United Kingdom’s Creative industries and in Innovative we’ve got a exquisite device to disrupt the infringers’ revenue streams and hit them wherein it hurts the most.”

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