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Intercede Announces Secure Login For WordPress

Today, digital identification and credentials professional, Intercede announced the release of RapID Secure Login WordPress(RapID-SL), a Plugin for WordPress that enables directors and subscribers to log into websites and blogs with fingerprints instead of usernames and passwords. By casting off the use of insecure passwords, users are provided with superior usability and extra robust protection.

RapID Secure Login is a WordPress Plugin that works with an Android or iOS app.


Available thru the WordPress Plugin Directory, it harnesses Intercede’s RapID credentialing service to offer excessive protection authentication the use of 2048-bit cryptographic keys while not having to write a line of code.

To log in from any laptop browser, users scan a QR-code with RapID-SL on a phone. The app then supplies a cryptographic signature which logs the person in without having to enter any information into the browser. As a result, there’s no danger of information being intercepted or cached. Users also don’t need to don’t forget complex passwords that may be hacked. To login with RapID-SL from a cellphone or tablet, customers truly tap the QR code on display and eventually offer a fingerprint or PIN.

The integrated plugin can be hooked up onto WordPress with none coding or technical knowledge.

As a replacement for the popular but quit-of-life ‘Clef’ 2FA plugin, RapID-SL offers excessive ranges of security and comfort without being depending on 3rd party authentication offerings. With fewer ‘shifting parts’ RapID-SL is constructed with performance and reliability in thoughts. As a primary in the industry, WordPress users are provided with ‘frictionless’ fingerprint or PIN login from an unmarried mobile app, enabling access to a couple of money owed on multiple websites without passwords in sight.

“Based on Intercede’s confirmed experience working with a number of the maximum safety conscious corporations in the global, this new Plugin offers customers with an at ease, easy to implement and easy to use authentication service for any WordPress web page,” commented Intercede’s CEO, Richard Parris. “The solution is protection magic for small agencies and purchasers who’ve previously felt digitally disenfranchised from taking part in strong tiers of security and privateness. Faced with the harsh truth of today’s digital financial system, usernames and passwords are no longer fit for the reason as they turn out to be a smooth target for hackers. RapID-SL provides an opportunity that is both greater cozy and person-friendly. We assume greater agencies and purchasers to demand this stage of security in destiny to guard their touchy statistics from prying eyes.”

Ten Differences Between An Insecure Leader And A Secure Leader


Some time again I was talking with a fellow mission manager about a tough issue he turned into having along with his new boss. The thumbnail precis of the discussion became that the undertaking manager became feeling overly scrutinized and micro-managed. Now I knew the project manager to be a successful expert who should with a bit of luck cope with the work assigned to him. Yet his boss insisted on managing every specific factor of his paintings. More so, his boss changed into very crucial of the work being completed although it turned into accomplished to professionally applicable fashionable. The state of affairs became unbearable for the project manager; he ultimately left the enterprise.

As I thought approximately this example, I noticed an exciting parallel to other management situations I have visible and been a part of. Both the project supervisor and his boss had similar backgrounds and similar years of enjoying. Although the boss has been a supervisor for years, he tended to surround himself with younger, greater green managers. Having a more senior and skilled challenge supervisor reporting to him changed into absolutely something that took him out of his consolation area. Rather than embracing the revel in, the boss felt threatened with the aid of the undertaking supervisor and labored to “preserve him in his place”.

As I introduced matters up in my mind about the situation one factor came clear; the boss’ personal lack of confidence turned into a key problem driver and changed into hampering the institution’s capacity.

This scenario caused me to begin questioning extra about insecure and comfy chief attributes.

After noodling thru I settled on ten key variations between an insecure and a comfy leader. Give these a look and spot if any resonate with you:

Insecure selectively expose and withhold facts. Secure freely share data.
Insecure educate employees what they want to recognize. Secure nurture employees to assist them to discern out what they need to recognize.
Insecure discourage danger taking. Secure inspire calculated chance taking.
Insecure deliver commands and anticipate them to be accompanied. Secure provide steerage and count on effects.
Insecure demand respect. Secure earn respect.
Insecure can also renowned super overall performance, however, make certain in addition they get the credit score. Secure highlight super performance and don’t worry approximately getting credit.
Insecure lease and sell others who suppose like they do. Secure hire and promote others who think differently than they do.
Insecure deflect failure. Secure be given obligation for failure.
Insecure promote those they are able to manipulate. Secure sell those they do not must manipulate.
Insecure grow top doors. Secure develop high-quality leaders.

WordPress Security Checklist for WordPress Websites


WordPress Security Checklist

Here is a simple checklist for WordPress proprietors and publishers. WordPress is one of the most famous website structures due to its ease of use but, it has its problems, and it’s miles because of its reputation that hackers use this platform to attempt to inject their malware and malicious scripts. WordPress Security has grown to be essential these days to guard not handiest your website, however, your logo reputation.

Unknown Infections

Often WordPress proprietors are unaware that their website has been hacked. Just due to the fact your website has been hacked it doesn’t necessarily imply you may see an ordinary image when you get entry to your website. Hackers frequently disguise the truth they’ve hacked your website as they’ve injected a mailbox and are spamming from your IP deal with.

Use our tick list for the foundations of correct WordPress Security

1. Clean and cast off spyware, malware, and viruses out of your PC/Mac earlier than entering the backend of your WordPress set up

2. Backup your website earlier than you do anything, that is without difficulty accomplished with the use of Backup Buddy.

3. Never use ‘admin’ as a username.

4. Always use a robust password.

5. Stay Updated – Ensure your WordPress Installation and WordPress Plugins are usually updated. See Latest WP Security Updates inside the sources section beneath.

6. Limit Login Attempts – Ensure you lessen the login tries down to around 3 tries. Don’t make it clean for the hackers.



7. Remove unwanted WordPress Themes – When topics are nonetheless for your website and they go out of date Hackers use these to gain access. Only have the topic you are the usage of mounted and keep that up to date.

Eight. Spring Clean – Your WordPress internet site can also have other folders on the foundation of your server. Do you really want them or are they development regions. If you don’t need the folders delete them.

Nine. Your Hosting Company – Make sure you are the usage of a website hosting company that specializes in WordPress installations. WordPress servers need unique attention to guard your website.

10. Double Layer Authentication – Use an introduced layer of safety.


Whilst the tick list above is not an exhaustive list, it’s miles a foundation level of protection. Protection is the start of the method, monitoring your internet site on a day by day basis is important. We realize that many internet site owners simply don’t have the time or the knowledge, so we offer three offerings that can be located in the sources section underneath.

Top five Qualities of a Good WordPress Developer


How do you become aware of the quality WordPress developer from a pool of programmers? A dedicated WordPress developer is capable of pushing the limits, going past the fundamentals and bringing innovations inside the assignment they’re assigned. Professional WordPress builders are usually busy in discovering extra about the state-of-the-art trends and technologies to stay in advance in their peers.

Here are the pinnacle 5 characteristics of a green WordPress developer:

Technical Skillset
A good WordPress developer can have an apt understanding of various technology and be able to create a masterpiece. A best WordPress developer ought to have the sound expertise in PHP, MySQL, codebase on Trac and Xref and should able to set up neighborhood improvement surroundings and run the nightly construct. They have to be well-versed with the technicalities of WordPress inclusive of center, plugins as well as the one-of-a-kind subject matters on the way to create an internet site, which might assist you to stay in advance in the competition.
Learner’s Mindset
The variations of WordPress are gradually transferring ahead, and so is the surroundings. An exact developer needs to hold up with the modern day layout, technology and safety traits to construct websites, which are strong and current. A previous look or a bugged portal will tarnish your emblem image. A stagnant developer will purpose stagnation for your enterprise earnings and for your image too.
Attention and Self-Motivation

WordPress professionals need to constantly push their abilities and feature a truthful concept of just about all of the elements of this platform. WordPress gives an extensive range of options which includes plugins, topics, front-quit design, and e-trade. Therefore, a developer has to have palms-on, specialized expertise to parent out what would paintings high-quality for a project. A self-prompted developer will make certain that his paintings sticks out in the crowd and does no longer just make up the numbers.
Solid Planning Skills

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