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Can Your Blog Become a Book?

Publishing a book takes effort, so earlier than you begin, do a truth check: Do you’ve got what it takes to make your blog an e-book?
Congratulations! Your blog’s been doing nicely for some time now: you’ve built a fan base, carved out a gap, and looking back in your articles, you’ve produced tens of heaps of words. So why not publish an ebook?

You’ve already got credentials as a pro blogger, and placing your work together in an ebook will bolster your reputation. Your readers revel in what you write and that they’ll be pleased to have it bound collectively as an ebook.

But publishing an ebook will take more attempts than keeping a weblog, so earlier than you start, do a look at Do you have got what it takes to make your blog an ebook?

Can Your Blog Become a Book? 1

Take stock. Let’s say you weblog about “The World of the Fennec Fox.” You’ve been telling your involved readers all approximately this little nocturnal bugger with the surprisingly large ears jogging across the Sahara of North Africa. The fennec fox community is aware of and loves you.

While not each book with proper content material succeeds, numerous elements can work for your gain.

Readership. You’ve started constructing readership together with your weblog. It’s lots harder in case you aren’t starting from a strong reader base.
Recognition. People apprehend you as a professional at the fennec fox so that they’ll be much more likely to buy your ebook.
Community. Are you famous and energetic inside the large fennec fox network? Do they recognize you as a person who always gives value? If so, you’ll get more than readership: you’ll get active help.
Comments. If you have an active feedback section, you’ve were given the beginnings of a target audience.
Of course, there’ll constantly be competition. An e-book has a first-class threat within the market when it gives a unique price. It needs to say something that others aren’t pronouncing in a manner that makes it stand out.

The economics of self-publishing Self-publishing is an entrepreneurial hobby. Keep that in your thoughts always. Create a easy spreadsheet or ledger, preserve correct economic records, and document all your income and expenses.

There are levels of “do it yourself.” If you do it all, you have to set up an e-trade website that makes downloads to be had and collects fees for them. This may be the identical website as your blog if you have appropriate software and a charge processing provider. You can also use a carrier like BookBaby to serve as your conversion professional, book manufacturer, and e-book distributor.

Should you don’t forget crowdfunding? You may need to recall crowdfunding your e-book. A crowdfunding marketing campaign offers you advance exposure and enables create (and gauge) the level of interest in your venture. Of course, if you run a hit marketing campaign, you’ll also have the cash to provide and market your book earlier than publishing.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe are three of the more popular crowdfunding systems, and every one has its own method. Kickstarter offers an all-or-not anything model, wherein you receive nothing, and your supporters’ money is refunded in case you don’t meet your detailed purpose. Indiegogo offers you the choice of “flexible” or “fixed” investment – the bendy alternative lets you continue whether you meet your target intention or now not. GoFundMe doesn’t require you to set a target.

Running a hit crowdfunding campaign calls for planning, attempt, and an engaged network. Let your supporters realize in advance what your goal aim is, whilst the marketing campaign will begin and how long it’s going to run. You want the assist of your center following to make contribution money and spread the word.

Setting the proper rates is a massive part of a hit marketing campaign. All members over a minimum threshold have to get an eBook, at the same time as higher-stage supporters would possibly get acknowledgment in the book, a mention to your website, customized thank-you playing cards, and signed copies of the e-book.

You can get as creative as you’d like along with your rewards, but you have to remember the fact that when you start a crowdfunding campaign, you’re accepting responsibility. If you meet your investment threshold, you have to come thru – don’t launch a campaign until you’re sure you could supply the e-book and the rates.


You can’t just create a ebook absolutely to your own and count on it to promote. However proper you are at writing, you could’t be your very own editor. You want a skilled proofreader at a minimum, but you should critically don’t forget to use an excellent copy editor. The software can play its part, but spell-checking software gained’t seize homonym errors like “hole” for “complete” or “pore” for “pour.” The same is going for grammar checkers.

A replica editor doesn’t simply test for spelling and grammar mistakes, and she makes certain your writing is the exceptional it can be. A copy editor will seize repetitious passages, excessive use of the passive voice, and plenty extra.


Copyright questions Your blog may include quotations, lyrics, photographs, feedback, and guest contributions – possibly a few borrowed from different blogs and locations online. When you’re selling a ebook, potential copyright violations will get greater scrutiny. You’ll need to bear in mind Fair Use and contributors’ rights.

People who will let you post articles and other content for your weblog haven’t always permitted you to include them in a ebook. You need to invite them and get clearances. They can be thrilled to have their content blanketed, but if they are saying no, you do no longer have the right to consist of their content material to your e-book – even supposing it’s supposed as a giveaway.

Cover layout Whether traditionally or self-posted, you’ll be competing with several different books, so yours desires to appear as attractive and expert as possible. Like it or now not, humans do decide on a ebook by way of its cowl, and yours will seem to your website, on online retail shops, and everywhere your e-book is promoted or bought. A naked title or a newbie instance will now not inspire readers to shop for, but a cowl via a skilled dressmaker will inform them you’ve placed concept and care into the e-book.

Book advertising and marketing As a self-publisher, you’ll additionally need to be a self-marketer. Harness the resources you have already got: the area to begin is your weblog. If anyone could be interested in your ebook, it’s the people who already read your fabric.

Once the book is posted, write a blog entry alerting your readers of the top-notch news. Thank them for their aid with a reduction code. Put a conspicuous, permanent hyperlink to buy your e-book on the home page, alongside a photograph of the quilt.

If you have a mailing listing and e-newsletter, promote your new ebook: provide your newsletter readers a distinct bargain code. As a trendy rule, unfold bargain codes around as a good deal as you can, and tailor every one of your specific promotions so that you can track sales and determine which avenues are working great.

Social media promotions can be a huge part of your strategy. Again, use the duvet photo, and be chronic but NOT annoying. The key to social promotions is engagement. Make your posts read like a part of communication, not an ad. Talk about what’s within the e-book and what it became want to create this work. Invite responses.


Time to publish Turning a weblog right into a book is lots of work; however you’ve got the content and a reader base, so you’re off to a good start. It takes planning and commitment: you want to determine how you’re going to proceed earlier than diving into the deep end. You additionally want to apprehend that the work does now not end while the book goes up for sale.

It’s a assignment, but you’ll have the reward of being a published writer, and that alone must increase your recognition of your subject.

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