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Death is the end of the life of a person. It is the end of all the biological functions of a human body that are necessary for living. Dealing with the death of someone close is not easy. It is not easy to talk about dying but not opening on such matters usually increases emotions of isolation, stress, and depression. One has to grieve for a dead person. There are even bible quotes about death that depict what death is. The grief comes naturally on the death of a closed one. The pain that one suffers from on the death of someone is immense and difficult to deal with. The pain of grief can cause insomnia, difficulties in eating, and thinking straight and affecting the mental health of the person.

The grief has to be dealt with in the right way though there is no wrong way for it and it should be dealt with more healthily. Usually, people reflect grief in a certain manner:

Change in physical reactions

People usually have changes in their appetite and sleeping patterns when they go through the pain of loss. There can be tensed muscles and one feels mostly restless every time. There are chances of trouble in concentrating and usually the person feels low every time. He/she feels like crying every time.

  • Uneasy thoughts

The thoughts keep on striking the mind of the person that what are the happy or sad memories one has with that person. Also, he starts imagining what would be life be like without that person. In such a situation, uneasy thoughts might enter the mind and they are not considered good as can lead to depression in some cases. At such times, they should read comforting quotes about death as they might help the person a bit to deal with such depression.

  • Emotional change

The person becomes emotionally weak and starts feeling every emotion at its peak. For instance, he gets too angry or too emotional at times. The sadness, guilt, hope, anger, and despair everything is felt by the person at its peak.

  • Change in spiritual perceptions

The person starts questioning his faith in God and his religious beliefs. He starts getting involved in discovering spiritual links and connections. The person starts reading quotes about life and death and starts relating themselves with them.

It is usually said that when people exhibit these reactions means that they are grieving. Losing someone close is always painful for one whether it is someone’s mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, brother, sister, or anyone. The pain of loss is equal to everyone. No doubt, a person is attached the most to his mother. One has blood relations with her and the bond one shares with a mother cannot be shared with anyone else. When someone loses his mother, it is the most painful event of the life of a person. To cope up with the grief of the death of a mother one can read comforting quotes about the death of a mother and this can help one in cooperating with emotions to some level.

Death is an unavoidable process and anything that breathes in this world has to come to an end one day. The sooner one accepts the reality the better it is. Everyone knows this reality but he or she is reluctant in accepting this harsh truth. One should look at death from a different perspective and one can then overcome this grief to some extent. This way one can understand that what life is and that it has to end at some point in time.

There are different books on death as well such as one is ‘The Book Thief’. One can read quotes about how old death is a book thief to have a better understanding of life and death. The book is based in Germany and about the life of a girl who is obsessed with stealing books. The book is narrated by ‘death’ and depicts a very powerful story. The book is a bit emotional and one can enjoy reading this book. There is a very famous quote from the book that states that a note from death that it is haunted by humans. The book has deep meaning and one may take time understanding it. One’s perspective of life and death can change after reading this book.

The doctors are the ones who witness the most number of deaths in their life. Though all the deaths they witness are not of their known people, the count includes patients as well. But death always creates an environment of grief and depression around. So, the doctors witness such an environment frequently. Also, the doctor who quotes about death has a different perspective than normal people. They understand death differently.

The healthy grieving process is very necessary for one to cooperate with death. One should be vocal about death. Usually, people think that if they say something it might hurt the feelings of the person. But this is not true. Close friends and family members should talk to the person so that he can share his emotions and heart out. It is a myth that ignoring pain will help in forgetting about it faster. One has to deal with the pain, share it, and then only one can get him free from it.

The dr who quotes about death is also a human being and understands that what death is but dealing with it daily makes him stronger. One should also not feel that crying will show that he is weak. Instead one should cry his heart out otherwise the hidden emotions can turn into something big and can affect the person’s life. As it is mentioned that grieving is not bad but it is also true that it should not last for too long. No doubt, the grieving period of a person differs from person to person but mostly on average, it should not last for more than a year. One should grieve about death but in the right way.

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