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Beautiful Struggle – Dreams of Collapse


I woke this morning feeling a worrying pain in my neck and remembered that I overlooked my court date in California yesterday. I was supposed to name and attempt to get a continuation. However, I positioned it off, after which I forgot. The days flew through right here in Vancouver, and now I even have a $two hundred nice to pay that is simply another addition to the pile of debt that I’m positive is contributing to this “ache in my neck.”


I do not know what to do. I’m trying my fine to observe my coronary heart, and my coronary heart is NOT calling me to get a “regular” job, get a place, pay hire, payments and do all that again, now not but, no longer that way. I don’t have any interest in doing something but inspiring many thousands and thousands of people with my music, but I don’t have an album and no money to record one. This will be what they mean approximately being among a rock: my monetary situation and a difficult region: no concept of what to do. My patience is my hammer. And a bomb would possibly blow this whole mountain up if I’m lucky.

I heard the financial machine should fall apart in August if the debt ceiling is not raised. I wish this isn’t a tease motive. I’m really looking forward to that! I may want to use it individually sincerely, and I think we all ought to, even though it would not look like it. This monetary system isn’t serving the best of the complete, and I trust, if we’re to move forward to a “lifestyles maintaining” society, as Joanna Macy puts it, the old should die, fall, and the brand new will sprout. I think it’s all happening at once.

I’m following my excitement, my joy, my bliss, and it’s just not bringing any cash in proper now, even though it has, and it is why I’m still alive and loving lifestyles as plenty as I do regardless of anything else. I had a pleasant bite of appreciation come my way about a month in the past for my track from the beneficiant souls on the Joanna Macy workshop. The ultimate scrapings of that ran out yesterday at a nice vegetarian restaurant. But I still have the leftovers within the fridge, and I accept as true with that extra is on the manner. As I’m writing, this money has just been deposited into my account from my beneficiant and loving dad and mom; despite them now not being very rich, they have always been given and helped my sister and me out when they can. So there it IS! It’s just sufficient to get me to Victoria and have some food for the next week, so I’m happy about that!

Interestingly, the $70,000 or so in debt I have abandoned is not a trouble. The hardest part of all of it is that my dad and mom, who co-signed the financial institution loan, are paying the interest in the intervening time, which has caused me grief and disgrace in the beyond, however now, not so much anymore. Yes, it’s nonetheless unsettling, and it’s now not what I could opt for. However, I actually have forgiven myself for making the picks I made, and I believe that everyone is still in the best alignment. The freedom I enjoy is well worth it. I love my life extra than ever, but I’m greater broke than ever.

Beautiful Struggle

At the instant, I sofa surf with incredible achievement and gratitude, and I am taken care of by very loving and generous people. It feels just like the early tiers of the gift economy, where family takes care of own family and not using questions, no expectancies, and entire joy and shameless generosity. That being said, on this childish sprouting, there are nevertheless lines of the antique way, naturally. They worry that an alternate or identical trade is needed up disgrace inside me as I tiptoe against and away from the delicate boundaries in those places of a provision that I have to be keen to sense and devoted to leaving. The floor, of fact, is really, completely groundless. No, you’ll be able to stand on impermanence. But we supply ourselves the influence that material things are actual, reliable, yet 99% rely on the empty area. And what takes place in the space is the enjoyment of being alive, and that’s what I’m after. Deeper and deeper into fears, into uncertainties, towards oblivion.

Apparently, oblivion is a lot like Victoria, one of the maximum beautiful locations in Canada, so I hear. Letting go and going with the glide. I’m following my hearts calling to locate and start a band and truly cross for it musically. I feel geared up. I want to do what Michael Franti does, and on that scale. I realize I can. I understand the songs I’ve written maybe hit. I want to file and market them nicely or find someone who will marketplace them for me. All this is “business as common” thinking as it’s nonetheless the equal machine operating. We haven’t upgraded yet, and we haven’t thrown out Monetary Industrial Growth (Debt Based Ver 1.Zero). So I wait, with one foot on this international and three limbs stretching into the unknown. I meet with pals and speak commercial enterprise.

I met with an antique pal, Dan MacIsaac, the day passed for brunch, and he wants to do simply that, file and marketplace unfound, unknown artists he believes in. Thankfully we’re buddies from long ago back in Southern Ontario, and this opportunity is pretty inspiring and vivid for each of us. Yesterday we reconnected intellectually and spiritually, and it felt excellent to peer a shiny horizon. We’ve both been diligently pursuing personal and religious boom in our own ways, but the quit result is a transformed individual and existence.

I sense with Dan and many different humans I keep meeting. There’s a mutual understanding of the breakdown in society, the unearthing roots, the social erosion occurring due to a loss of compassion for each other and the earth. This collective disease reasons us to awareness of our separateness and the pursuit of paper and electronic cash to answer our problems.

The failure of each cutting-edge device is clear to me. Our health care is causing struggling, dependency, and disorder, our education is robbing children of innovative, unbiased concept and conditioning them to take part in an international monetary pyramid scheme mindlessly, our financial system is 95% debt and is fueled through opposition, oppression, and inequality, our dwelling structures are in decline, and the marginalized populations aren’t being served or helped in methods which might be sustainable and empowering. At the same time, none of that is absolutely genuine, yet it’s miles part of our global reality. There are mild facets, silver linings, and healing within all this brokenness, and there is splendor all around us, inside us, pouring out people, maintaining us. It actually is the excellent and the worst of times. I try to awareness of the high quality. I’ve executed so many religious paintings. I even have surrendered the whole thing I thought I might want to. All I actually have now could be a backpack of clothes and some things, my guitar and this old clunker laptop. I love all my matters a lot. They are precious impermanent things that I enjoy for the instant. I have after sessions anymore because I desired to be unfastened to roam, and now I am, and I’m absolutely broke, and it’s lovely.

Beautiful Struggle

What’s a man to do? As I suspected it would, following my heart has taken me up in opposition to and into my innermost fears, and these fears had been definitely encasing my coronary heart. I experience fortunate, blessed, commemorated to have observed the courage, wisdom, and strength to embark on this type of adventure. Inward and outward, stretching in both directions. I’m heading for a breaking point, a breakthrough, a shift in cognizance, another time, and I don’t know how it’ll happen or the way to get there right now due to the fact I’m the type of a blind, handcuffed, wandering, dancing and singing man, with only his heart to manual him through these darkish instances. But I persist, and I insist I am precisely wherein I am intended to be.

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