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What Does A Travel Blogger Actually Do


CBN News spoke with teenage blogger Lauren McRoberts about the Netflix show, “13 Reasons Why,” and her blog, “13 Reasons Why NOT” — why a person should not commit suicide. Watch above.

A teenage girl commits suicide in the controversial new Netflix fictional series, “13 Reasons Why,” a show with many critics, including teenage blogger Lauren McRoberts.

The 16-year-old penned “13 Reasons Why NOT” to commit suicide in response to the show — a blog that hundreds of thousands of people have viewed.

McRoberts spoke with CBN News about the blog.

“After watching the series, I feel like the Holy Spirit just laid it on my heart,” she said. “I think when you are a Christian, you accept the Holy Spirit into your heart which is like a conscience for you, and I just felt like I was being called to do that, and it was something heavy on my heart.”

“My personal testimony includes some clinical depression and anxiety that I suffered from a few years ago,” McRoberts continued. “And… my faith has motivated me to start a blog.”

The teen wrote, “While this series gave you Thirteen Reasons Why Hannah Baker took her own life, I am going to give you Thirteen Reasons Why you SHOULDN’T:”

The Ultimate Travel Guide For First Time Travelers


As common as air travel may have emerged as now, there are still a whole lot of human beings all over the globe who haven’t traveled via an aircraft earlier than. To humans whose lifestyles spin around visiting, this will seem unusual however this is a reality we all need to accept. However, if you’re one of those who haven’t had the risk to travel by aircraft yet, worry no longer- there is nothing to be embarrassed about approximately. You aren’t by myself. And if you’re making plans to get out there and experience air travel, this text is the simplest aspect you need to study to have the time of your existence!

1. Studies before travel:

Because you might not have a great deal revel in the approaches of the airfare make sure which you do masses of Studies. Ask buddies about their journey reviews, browse thru the net and try and get yourself an amazing tour agent. Because traveling is a lot greater than you might think and there is much small information that one desires to don’t forget before travel.

2. Establish A Budget:

That is actually the maximum important issue you want to do to make your ride a hit one. Simultaneously, as you place the quantity of money you are willing to spend on your ride or holiday, make sure that the amounts you assign have hundreds of buffer. This means that you should recall emergencies While planning your Finances and calculate the maximum you are willing to spend on something. This may make certain that you turn out to be spending less than your expectations.

3. Get Vaccinations:

Many human beings normally get vaccinated when they travel across the world. However, it’s also important you do the equal for national travels. This way, you may save yourself from getting any undesired and needless sicknesses when you tour. Reflect on consideration on it and save yourself the hassle of having ill with the aid of looking after vaccinations beforehand.

4. Keep away from Movement Sickness:

if you’re susceptible to Movement, Illness, or other such troubles while you tour through the street, then it’s miles fantastically in all likelihood that you will be affected while you travel via air. In order, a precautionary degree makes certain you take anti-emetic drug treatments earlier than you begin your travel to Avoid soreness.

5. Hold important Matters On hand:

Stuff like your passport and price ticket might be required often, and also you need to Preserve it someplace where you can quite take it out and in which it might not be lost. Additionally, make sure you have got some extra money with you at all times (Keep it to your socks). Simply in case, you lose your things, you won’t have trouble traveling around.

Traveling can be hard for even the most seasoned vacationers, and if you’re a person who is traveling for the first time, you definitely probably don’t know what you’re in for. So Maintain the above-mentioned Matters in your thoughts, and your travel experience will turn out terrific. Make your first-time tour exceptional!

Blogging Tools: The Importance of Video Equipment for Bloggers


That allows you to have the weblog relevant in the brand new marketplace area; I assume having a text is not enough. Writing a blog submit best in words limits your readerships’ ability to devour your content. Due to the fact, a few people like to read, some people want to listen, and a few human beings like to see things on video. Any other device to have is perhaps a camera, a video digicam. In many cases, human beings nowadays have a very advanced video camera right of their pocket with their clever smartphone. It is quite sufficient.

You don’t even invest in the special, dedicated video camera that you might need; however, you always convey one with yourself in your pocket. I suggest you operate it extra often. In case your cell phone or clever smartphone has the potential to file movies, then take it out greater often and report each time you feel like you’ve got an extraordinary concept for a blog to publish, for teaching to your subject matter, for your place, whatever.

Because now not handiest it can be a superb additional

Extra statistics in your readership, but you may even installation a blog, that is, a video blog. Basically, regularly updated video content material that you are presenting for your video target market. That’s something Many humans are doing pretty successfully, and they’re having millions of human beings watch their films over time.

Of direction, having simply the clever phone isn’t enough. You have to have the right sort of enhancing software to edit and upload your videos to the video-sharing sites, including YouTube or Vimeo. Essentially, You have to add extras like an introduction or ending or music history. Something that can not absolutely be brought proper from the ease of your clever phone right now.

You can have the straightforward equipment on your laptop and while you teach people in the video.

You add this video to your computer and edit the video content properly there. Then, after you’re prepared, you can add the very last video, edited video to the video platfoyou pick, includingdes YouTube. Wherein doubtlessly, masses of hundreds of humans can watch your vlog. Hold in mind, though, that video content takes up Lots of areas, each of your digital camera or your smartphone and in your laptop as nicely.

When you upload, You need to be conscious of your boundaries. Does your internet plan offer an unlimited statistics switch? I endorse you to check this out. If you are serious about generating and uploading Various video content, you should genuinely have a limitless amount of bandwidth for your internet plan.

Is Your Online Audience Actually Listening To You


The more involvement you may get with your online target audience, the greater your internet marketing efforts will be. But your target audience may not be listening to you in case you’re not telling them anything that adds value to their lives.

The more your online audience comes to recognize, like, and trust you, the more likely they are to shop from you.

Many learners to online advertising fear approximately attractive with their audience because they’re not yet a pinnacle performer of their market. However, it is ok to be a work in development. Human beings love to examine someone who is ahead of them as it makes their journey appear extra practicable. That is authentic regardless of what niche you’re in. you may proportion your development, your troubles, and your achievements and help others attain their goals, too.

Usually, Deliver price.

Handiest publish Best authentic, relevant, high pleasant content to your internet site and social media posts. The more fee you provide, the closer you will build the relationship with your online target market. People do not stick around on websites in which they may be no longer engaged.

Use extra Video

People are obviously drawn to video. One easy manner to improve your online target market engagement is to submit videos for your blog or internet site. If a photograph tells 1000 phrases, a video tells 1,000,000.

Find Your Avatar

Every piece of content you create must be as though you are communicating to one person. That one person is your avatar. In different phrases, the “perfect” potential purchaser that you are attempting to reach. What are their goals, emotions, demographics, and different physical and mental personality traits?

Deliver Away Free Stuff

You can Provide away eBooks, movies, reports, checklists, software, coupons, or unique offers. The crucial thing approximately a freebie is that it should be useful, precious, and of equal quality as the products or services you sell to your target audience. If you Give away garbage, your target market will suppose that your merchandise is rubbish too.

Growth Engagement On Facebook

Facebook companies are an incredible region for target market engagement. When you start a Fb group, you can experience a totally clean-going, cooperative network of well-suited individuals. Humans love to be a part of a special network.


Sadly, many net entrepreneurs build an Electronic mail listing, then rarely attain out to their fans. You need to maintain in regular touch with the one’s Humans that have taken the time to enroll in your listing, or you will by no means “connect” and share a real dating that enables you to meet your business dreams.

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