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Tips for a safe temporary fence

temporary fence comes with its own benefits, the best being its portable nature. It can be installed and dismantled easily, thus making it convenient for relocating to accommodate any changes in your event or job site. However, certain safety considerations are to be kept in mind as due to their temporary nature, the panels are not fixed to the ground permanently with concrete posts or bolts. Hence, these are the tips to consider for a safe temporary fence:

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Install securely

Fences that are placed in a long straight line, or in an area where there stands a risk of toppling due to winds, should be installed either with a t post at regular intervals, or with a perpendicular panel to enhance stability. They can also be set up in a zig-zag fashion. The bolts must be on the inside of the fence, when using u-clamps, to make sure that it is difficult for vandals to try and tamper with your fence.

Use safe ground stands

Instead of using pipe feet, try to use flat ground stands to prevents pedestrians from tripping and falling.

Keep your fence line clear

You may be compromising on the safety of your fence while endangering passing vehicles and pedestrians by piling up construction debris, soil, or other building material near your fence causing it to lean. Try to store all materials away from the fence line.

Don’t get blown away

Fence screening is secured to the fence with wire or cable ties and is usually made of opaque polyethylene knit. Though it adds to your site privacy, but fence screening also adds to the risk of your fence toppling in fierce winds. Thus, before attaching the screening, ensure that the fence is standing securely.

Post safety signage

In case the fence is used for a site that may pose certain risks or hazards, you must attach a safety signage on the fence, with visible symbols and fonts, that ensure that the people entering your site are aware of the risks and are wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Inspect regularly

While your fence may have never posed any problems and you might be sure of stability, it is still a good idea to inspect the fence regularly, irrespective of the type of fence you use. You must check for the safety and stability ad check if the fence line is clear of any material that may cause it to lean. It is also essential to check that the clamp bolts are tight and the fence hasn’t undergone damage during the winds, to ensure that it remains standing securely.

The fence is an element of safety you add to your site, but it is equally essential that the fence is installed keeping in mind the safety of all. Hence, while installing your fence and for maintenance, it is essential you keep these tips in mind.

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