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Three killed in crossbow attack in Toronto, say Canada police

Three people have been killed in an attack involving a crossbow in Toronto on Thursday.

A man was taken into custody and police later evacuated a building over a suspicious package in a related incident, Detective Mike Carbone said, without giving further details.

In the initial incident, police responding 3500 (1)to a report of a stabbing to find three people who appeared to have been injured by crossbow bolts, said police spokesman David Hopkinson. Two men and a woman were pronounced dead.

“We don’t have any idea with regards to why this may have happened,” said Hopkinson.

CTV News, citing emergency services, said two other people were seriously injured.

An undentified man, 35, was taken into custody, police said.

Television footage showed police tape surrounding part of a residential street in Scarborough, a suburban area east of the city’s downtown area.

In 2010, a man shot his father in the back with a crossbow in a Toronto public library before smashing his skull with a hammer. Zhou Fang, who had suffered domestic abuse, was convicted of a lesser charge of second-degree murder.

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