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The King Is Enthralled by using Your Beauty

Oh, if girls anywhere would engrave this phrase upon their hearts and definitely understand their price and well worth as seen thru the Kings eyes and not the world’s eyes. For guy appears upon the outward appearance, but God looks on the coronary heart. The inward beauty of each girl, that soft, mild, loving nature implanted by means of God on my own that is meant to be shared with the sector around them is open to the eyes of our heavenly Father.

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This global seems for perfection in bodily splendor and judges a lady’s really worth primarily based on outward appearances, however, God sees the inward splendor of every female with all the imperfections and says that he is enthralled by way of your splendor!! Oh, for the King of all kings to be enthralled through your splendor! How terrific, how stunning, how freeing! Yet so many ladies are ensnared by way of worldly teachings, fake advertisings, and hurtful, lying words spoken to them. Hurt by using parents, teachers, leaders, family, friends, spouses, and strangers.

They received these kinds of lies into their spirits and that they falsely judge themselves by all of the lies surrounding them. Oh, in the event that they would most effective understand that the foundation of a majority of these lies come from the enemy in their souls and have infiltrated their minds and soiled their hearts until it has affected their whole being. The way they think, the things they are saying, the way they dress, the way they view themselves, and the way they respond to others around them. Their spirits were crushed until they experience unworthy, unloved, uncared for even by way of those who do care and do love them. And they stay their lives in pursuit of recognition, looking for approaches to make people see them and ultimately “love” them.

But the greater they try, the more they trust that the arena and the people in it keep to reject them. Even when those who really do love them try to fill their lifestyles, they’re so blinded by means of the lies that they can not see the fact. Often they will input wrong relationships, settling for all of us who appears to care just a little bit. Even though their coronary heart may additionally scream warnings, their thoughts refute them in search for love. They are simply searching out a person, anyone to fill the empty gaps of their life. And their incorrect thinking as a result of all the lies that have blinded them leads them down roads of more destruction. The enemy is usually seeking out methods to completely damage lives. A little destruction is in no way enough. His thirst to smash is never satisfied.

Oh, for ladies everywhere to recognize actual love! The love of the One who has loved us due to the fact that he fashioned us in their mom’s womb! Then lovingly, as most effective, a proud Father ought to, deliberate out each unmarried day of our lives as He was hoping we might live it. He has written us the longest love letter ever written and at some point of it tells us how a lot he loves us and cares for us.

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How he’s continuous with us and desires to educate us and manual us if most effective we would like and agree with him! He tells us that we are the apple of his eye, and he has engraved us upon the arms of his hands. He fills us pleasure and gladness, thanksgiving and making a song. He covers us with the shadow of his hand. He defends us and offers us beautiful garments of splendor and praise. He places on us a crown of beauty and offers us the oil of gladness. He willingly gets all our hurts, fears, anxieties, and troubles and tells us now not to worry or bring our burdens, however, to allow him to take them. He offers us food for our hungry souls and water to quench our thirsty spirits. He guards us, watches over us, and keeps us hidden in him. He says, “No man shall grasp you out of my hand!” He makes us promises and by no means breaks them. He lavishes us with gifts and speaks phrases of love to our spirits. He listens to us and hears each phrase we are saying. He speaks to us and hopes that we are able to pay attention. He chose us. He chose us! He loves us so much that he died for us.

We are his love. When will we learn how to make him ours? Women of God upward push up! Wake up! There is a reality you should examine! But first, you must be inclined to surrender all of the lies you have got willingly believed and forged them on the feet of Jesus. Then allow him to replace the lies with the reality. Listen… Listen. He will eliminate the thorns and heal the wounds. You have much to learn, however, he’s an excellent and affected person teacher. Come, let us pass up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will train us his ways in order that we can also walk in his paths. Come… Come…

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Father, be with my sisters. Draw them to you, Lord. Lead them to the nevertheless waters, to the quiet places in which you live with every considered one of them. Help them to solid all the lies at your ft and analyze to walk on your truth and love. Remove the hurts. Heal the injuries. Help them to willingly open each vicinity in their hearts to you, Lord, the best one who loves us for the entirety we’re. The excellent, the awful, the unsightly, all the imperfections, help them to lay them completely earlier than you open and vulnerable. And as they humble themselves earlier than you, Lord, raise them up, Father, to new places in you. Lead them in which only you could. Fill their hearts with joy and gladness. Give them a new music of reward to sing to you. Dance with them, snigger with them, rejoice over them. Draw them into your presence, Lord. For they have been made worthy by the blood of your Son, Jesus. They are worthy to be cherished. Worthy to be cherished with the aid of the King of kings and Lord of lords! In Jesus name, Amen.

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