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Security camera, its types & uses: the complete guide

There are plenty of security cameras that have now flooded the market. The reason why this has happened is easy to understand. Everyone wants the best for themselves, their family, and their home. As a result, people are actively trying to buy more home surveillance equipment.

However, despite this, there remains a challenge. People are not sure what they should buy. Therefore, people often end up purchasing the wrong kind of services or cameras. As a result, their money is wasted, and they don’t get the maximum value out of the product that they have bought.

So, what to do in such a case? Don’t worry! Here’s a list of the different types of security cameras that you can buy. We have also listed some of their uses, which will help you make a better decision when you purchase a security camera.

Security camera

The Sticky Camera

This indoor security camera usually comes with a sticky base (magnetic) which makes it an ideal security camera, for all your indoor needs. The magnetic base also ensures that you can place it just anywhere and forget about it as well.

It is also extremely mobile. Just pick up the device from one room and put it in another. It comes with features such as in-person detection, live recording, night vision and more. However, do remember that these features may vary from one brand to another.

The 360 Camera

This security camera system for home gets its name from the fact that it can rotate 360 degrees. The 360 degree coverage ensures that there will be no corners in your house that would be outside the purview of your security camera. These devices also come with their very own privacy shutters. Therefore, you can turn it off anytime when you feel you don’t need surveillance from your camera.

These cameras are also equipped with motion detection, night vision, smart tracking, and lots more. Once again, features usually tend to vary from one brand to another.

Outdoor Cameras

You also get an outdoor camera option if you wish to enhance your safety outside the house. These cameras have their own set of features, to ensure your protection. Furthermore, they are also designed in a manner that they can effectively handle the wear and tear that comes from constant exposure to the weather.

Some of the features that brands may or may not include are – spotlights, sleep mode, live view, night vision and more.

Which security camera should I get?

Ideally, you need a combined variation of all of these security cameras to get the most out of your surveillance equipment. In addition, when it comes to choosing a brand, go for one with a well-established reputation.

For example, the Airtel Xsafe camera systems have all the state of the art features that are mentioned here. They also have officials who will guide you through the different products and how they can be useful.

Check out their website today!

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