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Property Taxes in Tenerife

While looking for or selling  Sky Bird property in Tenerife, there are a number of taxes which you could need to keep in mind. At the same time as you purchase an asset in Tenerife you may want to permit for circa 10% of the purchase charge to cover purchase prices, taxes, Notary expenses and registration.


While you buy a resale property in Tenerife a 6.five% assets transfer tax is levied, whereas on new trends bought at once from the builder, 5% I.G.I. C Tax is payable.

While you promote a belonging in Tenerife you will be trouble to 2 taxes.

Plus Valia Tax:

Plus Valia is a tax based upon the increase in land price of an asset many of the remaining sale and the current sale. The land values are recorded inside the nearby town-hall and are updated every 2-three years. Plus Valia Tax is rightly paid thru the vendor, generally an awful lot less than one thousand Euros but can be substantially greater if the assets has been owned for extra than ten years.

Capital profits Tax

Each person buys a belonging from someone or company that does not have its residence in Spain, need to withhold 3% of the purchase charge. This sum have to be paid to the tax authorities by way of the use of Non-citizens as a result of any legal responsibility of the sellers for Capital gains tax. However, in fantastic situations this doesn’t observe.

Capital gains Tax is payable by using way of the vendor on every occasion they make a profit from the sale of a property, except within the following events.

When you sell a Tenerife belongings which you have owned for greater than 10 years and it is your number one residence, you do no longer ought to pay capital profits tax. In case, you are a resident there might be no 3% retention however the sale will should seem for your annual tax assertion.

At the same time as the proceeds of the sale are used for the acquisition of a modern-day home, they ought to be reinvested in every different property inside years of the sale. To qualify for this exemption, the property you’re promoting need to be your eternal home, which means you need to be a resident in Tenerife for tax functions.

Neighborhood Annual Taxes

At the same time as you are the owner of a belonging in Tenerife you may be susceptible to Neighborhood quotes, or I.B.I. As it is mentioned, on an annual foundation.

City taxes or I.B.I. want to be paid by way of the use of the owner of a belonging as quickly as a one year between the 1st of can also and the 15th July (dates may also additionally range among Councils). The owner is responsible despite the fact that he does now not get hold of a fee call for; it is the proprietor’s responsibility to discover the precise quantity of the tax and to pay it among the dates said above. Failure to attain this need to make you answerable for a 20% penalty.

On the manner to keep away from this penalty it might be smart to installation an instantaneous debit. This shows filling out a shape, authorising that the desires for the tax are made without delay in your monetary group, so that you will never be in arrears.

The quantity of IBI tax you will pay will range from council to council and it is relying on the size of the assets. For a one bed apartment in a traveler location you will likely pay less than €250 in line with annum.

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