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No, software engineers are not the highest paid personnel in tech

They take a seat observing their displays and developing the entirety it truly is in the back of the ones adorable apps you regularly forestall the use of after two weeks.

They may be software engineers. They’re the modern artists of the virtual international.

Definitely, you would suppose, they get the most money.

It appears now not.

A brand new document issued with the aid of Employed, which connects organizations with IT skills, insists that corporations might cost software engineers, however there is one employee subset they price more.

It’s no longer that the engineers are struggling exactly. The file says: “Even as earnings offers for software program engineers reduced by means of 2 percent in Q2, at $123K on common, activity safety isn’t any challenge. Software engineers have obtained nearly fifty six,000 interview requests in 2016 — the highest of any tech role by using a long way.”

So if you need to be paid greater than software engineers in tech, what have to you be doing?

You ought to be a product manager Alie Nation.

Yes, the people whom software program engineers, um, admire for his or her innate rationality, reasonableness and all-round global savvy are the highest paid employees in tech.

Employed says that initial gives made to product managers inside the second quarter of 2016 worried a median salary of $133,000.


It provides this tantalizing nugget: “Interview requests with product managers multiplied by using 8 percentage in Q2, so salaries may work up once more.”

Hired checked out 31,146 interview requests from 1,848 agencies. You might assume that theirs is just one angle.

But, a assessment from 2014 of Google and Fb and different groups’ H1-B applicants also showed that product managers had been greater valued.

A few can also see a life lesson in all this.
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You may decide that cash isn’t the whole lot. You need to do what you love doing.

You may also determine that the arena revolves no longer a lot round folks who create, however round people who take those creations, bring them into the capitalist international and make cash out of them.

Please do not worry an excessive amount of approximately those in tech for now, though. Not even about the Guilfoyles and the Dineshes.

Employed says within the 2nd zone, software program engineers acquired a 14 percent boom in interview requests.

You see? They’re doing simply best.

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