Common definition: the capability to supply something new thru innovative talent, whether or not a brand new option to a trouble, a new technique or tool, or a brand new artistic item or shape. The time period usually refers to a richness of ideas and originality of wondering. If you cannot digest all that without problems, do not worry. I could not both. There are many definitions of creativity and they are all complex and wordy however I suppose Einstein stated it pleasant. “Creativity is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has a concept.” That’s creativity in a nutshell. (Einstein, quoted in Creativity, Design and Business Performance.)

Perceptions of the creative kind

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The term creative, when applied to a human normally provokes the photo of the inventive kind: the author, the musician, and the painter amongst others. And conversely, it is regularly assumed that the engineer, businessman, or scientist isn’t innovative, however, it can be pretty the other. In my remark, it’s miles more frequently than no longer the successful man or woman who is innovative, not a specific kind of character. When searching at the definition of creativity you could see that creativity isn’t always the capability to draw nicely or have long hair, but the capacity to supply something new whether or not or not it’s a song or a better enterprise version or a more secure automobile. All of those advances come from innovative minds.

Creativity is the ability to solve issues in a completely unique manner and isn’t restrained to the arts. The satisfactory arts are more about self-expression and now not always hassle fixing. In any case, creativity in expression and trouble solving has been significantly superior and unleashed by technology.

Creativity usually precedes technology

When man first observed that a sharp stick ought to kill an animal or be used to pick out his tooth he becomes making that leap from staring at to being innovative. Someone needed to have the idea of the use of a log as a curler before they without a doubt used it that way. Then came the Roller 2.0 or Wheel 1.Zero depending on who you ask. The factor is that the wheel didn’t stop creativity, creativity gave us the wood wheel, then the wagon wheel, then the bicycle tire, then the auto tire…

The apparent loss of Creativity

You may additionally pay attention to human beings lamenting the loss of creativity, however, this is simplest a perceived lack of creativity. People love bringing up the abundance of terrible books, unoriginal art, crappy films, and horrible songs observed on the Internet but they may be incorrect. There are greater human beings expressing creativity nowadays than ever earlier than in history. Don’t confuse quantity and innovative expression with first-class. Furthermore, whilst it is able to appear that the best of innovative output has suffered a severe decline, it hasn’t. There are in order that many human beings expressing themselves creatively, and we’ve to get admission to all of it, so plainly there’s not anything available but a mountain of crap. In my enjoy there’s notably extra nice innovative output available than ever before.

Creativity desires proposal

We have plenty of that available now. 24 hours an afternoon we will locate inspiration within the shape of books, blogs, pics, films, song, art, photographs, you call it. Inspiration is very important to creativity and despite the wealth of electronic thought available, that is one place where I can see the hazard of creativity being stunted by using technology.

Hands on experience are important to creativity. You can’t adequately describe a pounding jungle rain or the sensation of walking past an abandoned residence on my own at night, or the odor of a toilet at a fuel station, except you, have skilled them. There are so many smells, emotions, sensations, and many others. Which make you a miles better creator which you just can not get from sitting in front of a screen. The fuel of artistic creativity is thought and the elements for proposal are know-how and revel in. We have a vast amount of expertise at our fingertips. We simply have to make certain we’ve lots of real-existence revel in. The loss of thought can diminish creativity but that is a case of generation distracting us from tactile sources of the idea, now not replacing or destroying creativity.

Will technology update the artist?

Technology will no longer replace the artist (at least any longer inside the close to future) or innovative sorts; it, in fact, requires more people. A programmer can write greater complex and refined code to be able to do many mundane capabilities, even mimicking creativity, however that ability to mimic is not anything greater than coded instructions and there is a limit to what they can do. Real human creativity could make leaps and jumps and institutions that a program cannot.

For instance, there are packages which can take a picture and make it seem like a hand-sketched portrait, and they can look very, very convincing. These applications are top examples of the era and its limits. No, be counted how good the program, there are nevertheless many choices that a human will make otherwise, while the laptop plows on via sporting out all of its instructions in the equal precise way every time. What’s being coded is a mechanical procedure, now not creativity. In the case of the sketch applications, an artist sat with a programmer and they studied photographs together. The artist defined to the programmer that given sure components and elements of a photograph he could caricature or draw them in a certain manner. He may explain hundreds of variables and how they follow to shadow and mild.

The programmer then wrote the code a good way to examine lights and darks, assessment, colorations, and even consciousness and density of element. But while a sequence of pix is fed via it this system will technique the undertaking the exact equal way every time whereas an artist will usually do something special. They are probably in an awesome or awful temper that day, perhaps biased in the direction of eyes and not lips, or have hassle drawing nostrils, or the photograph inspires a positive response, now not to say the schooling and personal history of the artist. All make a contribution to the individuality of the piece.