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How to Create colorful mind map online

Are you looking to make something that can help you represent your thoughts with colors, words, or images? If yes, then a mind map online is your best option. It enables you to express your opinions, improves creativity, and brings more ideas to you. However, do you know how to create a colorful mind map online?

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You can create mind maps individually or with the help of your team members. It can be used for various tasks such as thinking through ideas, organizing vast amounts of information, learning, strategic planning, and mapping out different processes. It can make your tasks well organized in simple words, and you will find it easy to perform them.

Are you confused about how to create a colorful mind map online? Well, worry not because, through this article, you will create a mind map online by following straightforward steps.


Making a mind map online is simple, and you don’t have to stress much about it. You can create it both online and offline. However, if you want to save time, making it online is the best option using any software. Let us look at the steps to build a mind map online to put forward your ideas.

Choose a template:

Picking up a template is the simplest way to get started. Choose the template according to your requirements or where you want to use it. If you’re going to use it to create a blog post or a social media post, pick the one with more colors and different decorative designs.

Pick the template design based on two points:

  • The amount of information you need to represent.
  • Your audience’s willpower or capacity to understand your ideas or thoughts.

Sometimes you don’t know where to start making your map. Most successful plans begin with the main idea and then move to its subtopics. For example, write the main topic in the center of your map to explain time management to your audience. Begin with your central idea and then move out to branches:

The other information about time management you want to explain to your audience surrounds the main idea. In this way, you will get a more organized and clean map.

Choosing a theme:

Depending upon your audience and what is beneficial for them, choose a theme for your map to present your ideas. You can also use photographs to keep your thoughts before them better. If you have any business, then add your business logo as well.

The Colour of the themes also plays an essential role in your mind mapping. Mostly purple and blue colors are used to depict power, ambition, and competence. If your ideas are technology-related, go for a grey or yellow shade.

Using different colors to pop up the information:

Do you want to draw your audience’s attention toward the information you want to convey? If yes, then using popping colors for every unique point is a good idea. If you are the company boss, this technique is the best to draw your client’s focus on important topics.


Creating a mind map is the best way to bring your ideas or thoughts in front of your audience. Not only this, but it also helps to improve creativity. So what are you waiting for? Follow the abovementioned steps and gain your client’s attention by making your mind maps.

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