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Essential Tips For Your Custom Piston Order

Listed below are some of the considerations you would have to keep in mind for your custom piston order.

Determining The Kind Of Custom Rings That You Will Need

If it so happens that you are ordering custom pistons for the purpose of using it for an engine, you have to get the rings first and then place an order for your pistons. This is because the size of the rings is determined by the size of the diameter of the bores and the pistons. If this is not done first, chances are that the off the shelf rings that you purchase would not be applicable to your pistons and bores.

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In case there is a necessity for custom rings for the application, your ring supplier would have to be familiarised with as much data about the engine as you could possibly give them. This is essential to secure the best custom rings for the application. These information would be inclusive of the bore diameter, the required thickness of the ring as well as the ring tension, while simultaneously being inclusive of data like the kind of fuel that the engine runs on, such as alcohol, nitrous or nitromethane, gas and the like, who are the or not the engine is turbocharged or if the engine is blown, and finally the kind of racing that the engine will be used for. All these aspects are the crucial determinants that would ultimately culminate into the type of rings that will be in the most conducive for the application.

Consult With Your Suppliers

Moreover, you would also have to pay heed to the advice that you are doing supplier gives to you as they are competent and experienced enough to know what would go the best with your requirements. They would also be adept in knowing the kind of materials and designs as well as the face things that will be preferable for the purpose of your application. After you have settled down on the kind of rings that would be the most appropriate for your motor engine, you can pay a visit to your piston supplier in order to settle down on the kind of modifications you would need for your custom pistons. This would enable your piston supplier to calculate the depth and width of the ring grooves so as to make it compatible with the rings that you will be using for this purpose.

Determine The Gas Pressure

The top compression ring requires a specified amount of gas pressure from the behind so as to seal the ring face against the cylinder bore surface in a tight manner. If it so happens at the gas pressure cannot be applied to the back of the ring in order to exert tension against the cylinder wall, this will lead to the ring being a poor sealant and facilitate leakage of compression.

The measurement of the required side clearance between the ring and that of the piston groove is quite easy to calculate with the help of a feeler gauge. In most cases, the side clearance application required ranges anywhere from .001 to .0015″. There are some original equipment engines that can accommodate as much as .002 to .0025 inches of side clearance for the rings meant for the grooves. Ultimately, it is dependent on the kind of application.
Side clearance between the ring and piston groove is easy to measure with a feeler gauge. Most rings for performance applications require .001 to .0015˝ of side clearance.  Some original equipment engines may allow as much as .002 to .0025˝ of side clearance for the rings in their grooves. It all depends on the application.

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