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Bizarre clam video weirds out the internet

The sea may be an unusual place, and not just within the dark, far-off depths. Lots of unusual animals additionally stay near shore, together with the oddity in the video above.

What looks like a runaway pastry of a few types

Maybe a “possessed pancake,” as Earth Contact places it — has already drawn greater than five million views because the video was uploaded to Facebook a few days in the past. And it is not tough to see why: The creature appears alien initially as it burrows into the wet sand, but then it turns the weirdness up to 11 through spewing grayish goo into the air.

This is no alien, although. It’s a Pacific razor clam, behaving typically in its local habitat.

Those bivalve mollusks inhabit a swath of North The USA’s Pacific coast, from the Aleutian Islands as a long way south as California’s Pismo Seashore. They live in sub-tidal and inter-tidal regions of stable, sandy seashores, each at the open coast and in a few bays. This one was stuck on video via Kate Taylor, a fly-fishing guide in Oregon.

Despite their abundance, Pacific razor clams tend to hold a low profile amongst human Beach-goers. That is in large part because of their wet-sand digging talents: They can dig a foot deep in a minute, consistent with the Oregon Department of Fish and Flora and fauna (ODFW), and had been recorded at depths of extra than 4 ft.

Date Your Wanderlust With A Truly Bizarre Vacation Rental


It occurs to the exceptional people: that unscratchable itch telling us it’s time to get rid of the shackles of the nine-five ordinary and break out for some time. Whether you’ve been working too tough or you are genuinely uninterested in looking at the same 4 walls all of the time, there’s nothing like an alternate of scenery to get you feeling refreshed and revitalized. But why accept a humdrum chain motel while you could tour out of doors the box with a unique domestic-away-from-domestic? The idea of the holiday condo may not be new to you. However, you can no longer have considered these bizarre and super opportunity areas:

1. Wander off

Bear in mind Misplaced, the Tv display where a gaggle of strangers is stranded on a mysterious island after their plane crashes for no obvious motive? Relive the revel in of hunkering down within the husk of a marooned aircraft while you live on the distinguished 727 plane Jungle home in Costa Rica. Providing all the adventure with none of the phobia of truly crash landing inside the wilderness, this vacation rental capability two bedrooms, bathrooms, a sophisticated teak deck overlooking the treetops, and a completely equipped kitchen. There is also an on-website masseuse and private chef for that actual Robinson Crusoe enjoy.

2. Desire Shoe Have been Here

If you’re seeking out a fairytale getaway, this belonging is prepared to brush you off your ft. Nestled in the heart of recent Zealand’s Tasman place, The Boot is exactly what it appears like: a real boot. Entire with imperative heating and an idyllic lawn courtyard, this bed and breakfast are an appropriate romantic vacation condominium for two. While no longer perfect for instantly-laced travelers, this secure cottage will knock the socks off extra whimsical, laugh-loving vacationers.

3. Berlin Wi-fi

inside the right vintage days, folks Euro-tripping on a small-Price range might pile into dingy hostels or, if they Have been lucky, crash out on the couches of accommodating pals (or strangers). Now not! Enterprising agents are now Offering you the risk to stay in a one-rectangular-meter shack for the princely sum of $11 a night time. Reminiscent of the sort of playhouse one might count on to locate gracing an infant’s bedroom, the intense crimson wood box may become upright If you experience like standing, and laid out flat If you need to pump up the air mattress and get a (true?) night time’s sleep. First-rate of all, they allow pets! Let’s desire you are extra of a Chihuahua than a Wi-wireless Dane character.

Kickers Are Weird


I was a sports broadcaster for 35 years, primarily overlaying the Countrywide Football League. I found out a lot of things in that time, but one issue stands out, and I’m going to the percentage it with you presently:

Kickers are weird

Go returned and examine it once more, numerous instances.

I placed it in massive kind for a cause. It’s true! And you need to understand it. Kickers are very, very weird people.

Whole generations of NFL fans have grown up no longer understanding what an “immediately-on” kicker looks as if. Well, a directly-on kicker did not angle into the ball like contemporary soccer-fashion kickers. He ran directly at the ball and kicked it immediately toward the goalpost, carrying a shoe with a unique hard, rectangular toe in it. I recognize this is a foreign idea for many more youthful humans but bear with an antique guy for a second.

The NFL record for field purpose distance continues to be held by way of an immediately-on kicker who clearly had a deformed foot and needed to put on an especially fitted shoe: Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints for sixty-3 yards (since tied through Denver’s Jason Elam, for you stat freaks).

Every other vintage-time NFL kicker, Ben Agajanian, also had a deformed foot and a special shoe. After his gambling days, Ben became a reputable teacher of the kicking arts. One in every one of his students once requested Ben, “How can I am getting a kicking shoe like yours?”

“Well,” Ben said, “first you get a lawnmower…”

In the mid-Sixties, the Gogolak brothers, Pete and Charley, came into the NFL, the first football-fashion kickers. And not like the hulking, straight-on guys; they were smaller. And foreign. And that they did not know a lot about Soccer, the American style. Stories abound in their walking off the sector after a hit kick shouting, “I keek a touchdown!”

The remaining of the straight-on, the Redskins’ Mark Moseley, retired in 1986. It is soccer fashion on account of that, then.

And kickers are weird in extra than simply the angle they take to the ball. They do bizarre matters with their shoes. I was interviewing the Cowboys’ Chris Boniol returned In the 1990s, and he allows it slip that he broke in his kicking shoes with the aid of soaking them in near-scalding water, while his foot becomes inner them. This, he said, made the leather conform to the form of his foot. However, that wasn’t the definitely weird element.

The simply bizarre part is that Boniol wore a size nine street shoe. On the sector, he wore a length seven! “Wait a minute,” I stated. “You’re taking a length 9 street shoe, but you wear a size seven kicking shoe? How do you get your foot in there?”

“You simply kind of wedge it in.”

“Doesn’t it harm? Do not your toes get all cramped?” “Does not depend,” Boniol said. He wanted it to feel like his shoe became just Another part of his foot-one skin, so to speak. And considering that he changed into a co-holder of the file for maximum discipline dreams in one game (seven given that damaged), who become I to argue?

How To Succeed, And Fail, At Internet Marketing


What are the key problems that can make sure success (or failure) in internet advertising and marketing? All a success human beings in any stroll of life have a plan. I examine once that all enterprise plans need to have goals which can be “Clever” – that is: “Specific, Measurable, Plausible, Realistic and Timed.” Distinct people have Distinctive strategies for setting their goals; a few will focus on the longer-term targets even as others set themselves a chain of quick-term dreams. I generally tend to fall into the latter class. Some humans contain both into their master plan. However, you conceive your business plan, recall the vintage business adage: “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.”

A 2d crucial piece of recommendation

It is to continually remember that you’re working at a commercial enterprise now, not dabbling with interest. Walking a web internet advertising enterprise ought to virtually be enjoyable, or there is not much point in doing it; – cash is not the whole thing! Practice yourself to the mission and stick with it. Getting an internet business up and Jogging is a tough assignment, so you must believe in your potential to succeed in the end—many who fail to do so because they do not have the self-perception to see it through.

Having an amazing ardor for each life and commercial enterprise will keep you focussed and devoted to the task at hand. In case you pass at matters in half of-hearted manner, the opportunities in each life and work will be substantially decreased. believe in your paintings, trust in your ultimate achievement, and, most of all, consider yourself

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