The invasion of wildlife in your property becomes unavoidable when the fall season starts rolling in. Tiny little creatures like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums find ways to take shelters in warm areas of your home to prepare for the colder months. And nothing serves as a perfect refuge to them like your cozy indoors. They get easy access to food, water, and comfortable living space. But this is not the only thing that happens with the entry of these unwanted intruders. They create a lot of nuisance once they enter any premises and are known to spread harmful diseases.

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This brings in the need to animal-proof your property with the help of professional wildlife/animal control experts who are well-versed with the most modern and effective strategies to eradicate, prevent and control the wildlife without risking you, your customers’ and your employees’ health.

Here are some highly effective tips to ensure that there is no room left for any wildlife creature to enter your home or business property throughout the year –

Inspect your roof regularly

It is important for you to realize that the wild animals are quite intelligent and can find their way in your property from any corner which is left open or broken. For instance, raccoons and squirrels can easily enter through uncapped chimneys, broken vents or other openings along rooflines. So, you should carry out a frequent inspection of your roof and look out if everything is properly screened. Repair the damaged screens and install solid chimney caps. Also, pay close attention to any sort of water damage as it leads to rotting of wood making it easier for animals to enlarge holes and enter your home.

Proper disposal of garbage

Everyone knows that it is necessary to keep your environment trash free. A heap of open garbage lying in front of a house becomes an ugly sight for the property owners as well as for visitors. Proper management of trash is required to live healthily and most importantly to keep the nuisance wildlife at bay. Animals are always in search of food for survival and finding huge piles of trash becomes a big attraction for them. So, keeping food leftovers outside your house is a big no-no if you actually don’t want to entice any wild animal to enter your premises. Always, store your garbage in secured containers that cannot be easily opened.

Plan the right landscape

Always keep in mind that the kind of landscape you choose around your property can play a big role in attracting or not attracting the wildlife. If the kind of plants and trees you choose to grow in your garden are food for the wildlife, then there are more chances of having all nuisance walking towards your property. In such a case, proper fencing is recommended. Also, if your landscape comprises of big trees, then you would have to keep cutting back the tree limbs and branches quite often so that the squirrels or other small wildlife cannot gain access to rooflines of your home.