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Wordpress begins testing first TV ads in 6 markets

WordPress.Com unveiled its first TV ads these days and said they had been presently being shown in confined runs in six textual content markets, although it did no longer unveil which markets.

The five ads in this series are constructed around the subject matter “Free to be” and every profile a neighborhood or small commercial enterprise user in Detroit.

On his private blog, Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WordPress.Com determine agency Automattic, noted that he had shared the corporation’s purpose of making investments greater in advertising in 2017 for the duration of his most current State of the Word speech.


“There is lots to learn and plenty to follow, but we have our first TV advertisements up in six markets to check,” he wrote. ” “Each shares a tale of a business in Detroit, and I simply got the threat to visit one of the groups earlier nowadays.”

Senior Security In The Home

We all love our dad and mom. And as we age, they do as properly. In the natural pressure to retain independence, senior residents residing on their personal could without problems turn out to be prey to unsavory characters. Home invaders, thieves and scam artists look to the aged as smooth marks for their crook intentions. To guard and care for those who’ve looked after us our entire lives, there are numerous approaches to comfortable senior safety in the domestic.

Locks and Measures

Good locks are constantly the primary defense whilst securing a home.

Entry doorways have to be fabricated from strong timber or steel, with bolstered frames to prevent breakdowns. Each access door needs to also have a deadbolt in addition to the doorknob. (Be cautious while choosing a deadbolt. One with a turn latch at the inside is safer in an emergency, while a key can without difficulty be dropped or misplaced.) Four-inch screws need to be used to put in the strike to the door body, accordingly securing against a person kicking in the door. Be conscious that tumbler panels subsequent to a door are easy for a could be intruder to interrupt after which reach in to turn a lock.

Sliding glass doors, in addition to a latch lock, ought to be secured greater solidly with a protection bar or a foot latch.

These brought security features may be established through each person who is available with a screwdriver and a drill. Even a garments bar or thick broom handle can be cut to length in a pinch.

Garage doors with electric powered openers are the most relaxed as there is no outside latch to unlock. Remember to give the keypad code to handiest own family and trusted buddies or buddies. If there may be no electric powered opener, make sure to use the manual lock mechanism located in the center of the door.

Perhaps the most inclined entryway into any home is a window. Here a lock is often times no longer enough to preserve out a chronic burglar. Glass can be damaged and locks opened from the outside. Double pane glass is much tougher to penetrate and has the brought advantage of power savings with more insulation. In excessive instances, bars can be established on floor and basement windows to similarly deny a criminal clean get right of entry to. Remember to continually keep home windows locked whilst not in use. Even those high off the floor can be accessed by means of a roof or gutter.

Step It Up

While locks are key in securing a domestic, different actions can be taken to discourage crook pastime. The idea is to make a domestic much less of a target to folks who want to do you incorrectly. Lighting is, in reality, the only and least costly manner to gain the arrival of vigilance.

TV Addiction – As Serious As Drug Addiction


Over-attachment to anything is a serious trouble. People are hooked on different things – tablets, cigarette, alcohol, cartoons, and PC video games are only a few matters that humans fall hooked on.

No one really thought significantly about TV addiction until recently, while a studies observed the characteristic conduct of individuals hooked on drugs and to TV is identical. That is, people hooked on TV indicates the same behavioral patterns like someone who’s hooked on pills.

Definition of addiction: incapability to triumph over the dependence on anything

In spite of great efforts from one’s part is an addiction. Serious withdrawal symptoms are some other characteristic of dependency.

For example – a person who’s addicted to capsules recognize he/she have to damage far away from drugs, tries in that course, but is unable to unfasten oneself from the have an impact on of drugs.

Different studies performed by means of universities from exclusive components of the sector propose the study parallels between TV dependency and drug addiction.

Researchers studied the brain waves of people, who had been extreme approximately retreating from TV.

The men and women experience maximum delight at the same time as preparing for looking TV – he/she feels happy even as taking the remote manage and at the same time as switching to the TV. Once the TV software is over, he or she returns to the previous state of tension and mental strain. He/she wants to reach before TV to all over again sense peaceful.

This enjoy has strong parallels to that of drug addiction, in which drug addicts experience disturbed when the drug stops operating of their body and that they inject more capsules into their blood.

This is not proper for all TV viewers. People who watch TV for more than 4 hours a day show off these behavior patterns and one 10th of general TV visitors are haplessly addicted to TV.

The Serious Problems Associated with TV Addiction

o Anxiety

o Lethargy

o Prefers solitude

o Turns far from social situations

o Difficulty getting alongside others

o Risk of obesity

TV Addiction in Children

Children below 12 years of age are mainly vulnerable to the dangers of TV dependency. They can overlook the whole lot approximately their studies and spend so much time earlier than TV.

When mother and father attempt to decrease time spent earlier than time, the children protest and in an unhealthy way. Self-damage and destruction are not unusual.

Studies have also located that kids enslaved to TV mature early and sense helpless before problems.

Some Things You Can Do to Prevent TV Addiction

@ – Spend time accomplishing bodily activities, sports, hiking, mountaineering, mountain climbing, swimming, tree climbing, and so forth in step with one’s physical capability.

@ – Read books including novels, brief memories, poetry, technology fiction memories, technology magazines, and so forth.

@ – Engage in indoor video games like chess, caroms, scrabble, board video games, and so forth.

@ – Be active at a social service membership (up to now the first-rate antidote for all stress associated problems).

All the above sports are helpful in overcoming addiction to TV. While you experience strength sapped, torpid and tensed after prolonged TV viewing, those activities make you feel refreshed.

Some Popular Markets in Lagos, Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria, there are a number of markets that attract a large number of people for various reasons. Some people go to these markets to purchase objects because of their pretty low costs at the same time as others opt for them for a pleasant shopping experience. Take as an instance a small scale store primarily based in one of the suburbs, he or she can also go to these markets to purchase bulk objects from wholesalers as a way to resell at lower fees at a greater convenient time and place. If you as a store deal in GSM merchandise along with six packs, cellular telephones, GSM recharge cards and accessories you will evidently visit a market that has a large number wholesalers dealing in such products. In Lagos Nigeria, such locations consist of Computer Village in Ikeja, elements of the Lagos island Market (Idumota) and one stop of Saka Tinubu in Victoria Island. This of direction is just an example as there are a limitless variety of products and services one could deal in.

Here is my list of famous markets in Lagos Nigeria and the Kind of products such markets deal in;


1. Yaba was additionally known as Tejuosho Market currently undergoing protection it’s miles one of the most modern-day markets in West Africa with well-known facilities and infrastructure. Tejuosho market is a densely populated market, with thousands of purchasing gadgets and tens of thousands of customers who patronize the groups which might be resident within the complicated on a day by day basis. Until 2007 while elements of the marketplace had been gutted by using heart, Tejuosho marketplace became perhaps the busiest marketplace in Lagos Nigeria after Idumota, Balogun, Oshodi, Alaba Market and semi markets.

2. Alaba International marketplace. The so referred to as largest electronics marketplace in Africa, Alaba global Market is home to the largest sellers of electronic products in Nigeria. Many of the dealers are massive time importers and vendors of electrical and digital devices consisting of flat screen televisions, turbines, domestic home equipment especially fridges, enthusiasts, air conditioners, even DVD sets, digital satellite dishes and decoders and lots of greater. The marketplace is a beehive of activities on all days of the week except on Sundays when a maximum of the traders goes to church.

3. Computer village.

Computer village as the call implies is a marketplace that deals by and large in the shopping for and selling of computer systems consisting of software and hardware, mobile phones and their add-ons. It is domestic to some of Nigeria’s exceptional phone and computer restore men with a lot of them demonstrating exquisite ability in coping with, keeping and repairing phones, laptop components, and other associated gadgets. However there is a pull away, this marketplace is likewise infamous for housing a few human beings of the questionable person consisting of tours, pirates, choose wallet and fraudsters. However, the market offers many advantages inclusive of cheap charges and first-rate products but most effective wherein such products are bought from legitimate and authorized sellers.

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