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Software firm seeks trademark injunction against Google

A German software program business enterprise has requested the High Courtroom for an EU-wide injunction stopping Internet giant Google from infringing what it claims is its trademark.

The injunction has been sought by way of TeamDrive Systems GMBH, which makes cozy cloud-based report sharing software program for businesses and personal use, in opposition to Google Ireland Ltd and Google Commerce Ltd.

It claims Google’s use of a software product which it has known as

‘Team Drives’ infringes the Germany company’s Ecu Registered the trademark, which it received in 2006.

Fearing for its business the company wants an injunction to be installed vicinity preventing the alleged copyright breach till the whole hearing of the dispute.

The claims are denied and Google is against any injunction being put in the area till the case is heard. It also claims that any injunction will damage it.

Commencing the utility before Mr. Justice Tony O’Connor these days Denis McDonald SC for the German corporation stated his purchaser is a mid-size German agency that offers a variety of products all below the TeamDrive call.

Its software program has won awards and its clients encompass the German Bar council.

Counsel stated that ultimate year Google determined to re-brand some of its merchandise including its Google Force product.

This becomes to grow its percentage within the cozy document sync and percentage marketplace and was Suggest geared toward enterprises or organizations.

7 Ways to Screw Up Your New Staffing Software


1. FALL FOR Top Appears

Awesome Seems don’t always suggest a tried & true accomplice so one can take you via the life of your enterprise. Make sure the software has useful features to be able to have an effect on the daily operations of your company. Detail out what you want every day to perform every day with the brand new staffing software and Make sure that all of your most important worries are addressed. Your list every day incorporate “bread & butter” capabilities. Avoid “pie inside the sky” desire listing objects that no software program supplier will have. Please don’t leave the choice every day the outside software consultant that you employed. Get involved with the choice.

2. GET THE Cheapest ONE

All of us like to save cash however as with the entirety else, you get what you pay for. If you see a dealer’s pricing is some distance apart from another there must be a purpose why. Usually, that purpose is that you will now not receive the identical value. Frequently there are hidden prices that crop up later. Carriers do provide promotions daily however crazy pricing is often a bad signal. No one can have enough money every day hire high-priced developers day-to-day maintain to enhance the product and senior guide humans so as to provide you with superior service if they’re giving their services and products away. There could be a lacking piece someplace. Why take a chance?


A hit software installation and statistics migration takes planning. daily an inner team in order to work together with your dealer task supervisor carefully. Select humans which can be in detail familiar with operations. Do not involve the complete employer until you’re very small and everybody is a key player. It’s far a mistake at hand over implementation and records conversion every day someone who does now not understand the commercial enterprise need, or leave it every day the vendor every day make all your selections! Important making plans can be omitted and you’ll be scrambling on stay day daily get your work executed. The inspiration is critical. Choices which you make in implementation might be with you all through the years which you are using the software program. do not make the mistake wondering that you’ll get every day it “later” whilst you are less busy. you will never get returned every day it and If you do it is going to be the extra everyday ugh everyday day-to-day trade. Avoid dwelling with inconveniences. Make Excellent choices and get it proper initially.

4. SKIMP ON Training

While Carrier’s list Schooling on their idea they’re recommending the minimal range of days you’ll need every day analyze the software program. In case you reduce the amount, you will be receiving much less than what you want. Every software is exceptional, and the characteristic rich organisation level software program will have a number of functionality that you will no longer be able to study advert-hot no matter how intuitive the software or maybe when you have a team of rocket scientists operating for you (Adequate perhaps if you have rocket scientists) but No one else! Take the Schooling already. when you daily new staffing software you aren’t simply paying the software program prices. you’re acclimating your complete organization daily a new manner of doing business. It is Critical sufficient day-to-day Ensure you could use it.

Media Law – Privacy – Elton John – Failed Injunction


A bid by Sir Elton John to prevent the Each day Mail publishing a picture of him taking walks with his driver from his vehicle to his London domestic became rejected by the High Courtroom. If Sir Elton have been a success in acquiring this injunction, it’d have absolutely revolutionized British newspaper and mag practice.

Sir Elton had his picture taken with the aid of a contract photographer even as walking from his Rolls Royce to the front gate of his West London home. He then heard that the Each day Mail became making plans to submit the photo, and he applied for an injunction to prevent e-book on the ground that it turned into an unwarranted infringement of his privateness. The picture simply showed him casually dressed, however, he complained that it showed his baldness changed into returning.

In his software, Sir Elton argued that the photo in question

Which became surreptitiously acquired, was taken without consent, made no contribution to any be counted of public interest, and its booklet would be a breach of the press Lawsuits Commission code. He supported his bid with the choice in the European Court of Human Rights case of Von Hannover v Germany [2004] ECHR, which concerned Princess Caroline of Monaco. It was held in this situation that her right to private own family lifestyles had been violated by sustained paparazzi photography of her and her children.

Any other case which sheds light on this situation is Campbell v MGN, which worried the stick insect, Naomi Campbell. The House of Lords presented her damages and compensation in opposition to the Reflect for breach of self-belief in relation to the guide of pictures of her out of doors a Narcotics Nameless assembly. It was stressed, but, that the pastime photographed have to be personal. With regards to Naomi Campbell, Lady Hale stated:

“Readers will manifestly be fascinated to see how she seems if and when she pops out to the stores for a bottle of milk.

There’s nothing basically private about that records nor can it’s anticipated to damage her non-public lifestyles. It may no longer be an Excessive order of freedom of speech but There is nothing to justify interfering with it.”

Sir Elton’s case is the first case where the inconsistency between Von Hannover v Germany and Campbell v MGN has been highlighted before the Court docket. The query in this situation changed into:

Did Sir Elton have an inexpensive expectation of privateness in appreciate of the statistics inside the photos and, if he did, did his proper to ‘admire for his privacy’ outweigh the ‘right to freedom of expression’?

Sir Elton’s utility for an injunction become rejected by way of the High Courtroom seeing that the photo, which the Daily Mail sooner or later published, did not convey any private information that could, as an instance, call into query Sir Elton’s health or his sexual relationships.

Facebook Vs Google: Which Is The Best Place To Market Your Products


The social media is gaining huge popularity. Inside a totally brief span, a big part of the population inside the world has familiar one of kind social media platforms. They are using those channels to communicate with the human beings of different geographies. Earlier than discussing anything more, let us have a view on the facts. The Facebook is the largest social media platform which has around 2 billion energetic users. Other systems like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn also have the huge quantity of users. Amongst all the platforms, the Fb has emerged as the first-rate social media platform to brand your products.

Before discussing this, we need to discuss different features which are supplied inside the Fb Web page

In the recent replace, the Fb has delivered new features in its Page in order to add capability. Appearance sensible and experience wise, the Web page seems as a Personal home page based totally website. It has distinctive sections inside the menu bar like the domestic, approximately, keep alternative, vicinity, legitimate website, and many others. Amongst all the features, allow me to speak the store option. In this, you could upload the images of your merchandise. From right here, your followers could make purchases the use of this platform.

Allow me speak, the advertising and marketing techniques which might be used In this platform. The Facebook gives an tremendous opportunity to market your merchandise Amongst its customers. The algorithms which it makes use of for marketing are considered as simplest. It affords you the possibility to market it your product based totally on geography, age, gender, interests, etc. you can use filters to market it your products inside the cost-effective manner.

That is The pleasant Vicinity To market Your Product? Facebook or Google

The Google is taken into consideration as the largest a marketplace. This is the maximum famous seek engine and gives you the most important on line platform for advertising. It no longer handiest suggests advertisements in the course of the searches however also promote it your products at the web sites of its affiliate partners.


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