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Prisoner of North Korea: An American safe at home


Jeffrey Fowle lost his activity, feared for his life and wondered if he might ever see his family whilst being held prisoner with the aid of North Korea, yet the Ohio guy considers himself fortunate.

A devout Christian and father of three, Fowle, 58, traveled to the secretive dictatorship in 2014, driven by a protracted-abiding curiosity about the Hermit Kingdom and a desire to spread the Gospel to its humans. In May, inside the northern port metropolis of Chongjinin, he made a mistake that feeds him his freedom: He left a Bible beneath a trash can within the guys’ room at a nightclub. In a country where traffic is underneath steady watch, he was arrested without delay.

North Korea had constantly intrigued me,” said Fowle, who arranged his visit with Koryo Tours, a British-run firm based in Beijing.


News that yet some other American were taken prisoner by the authoritarian dictatorship of Kim Jong Un quickly made its manner again to the U.S., and the small, southern Ohio town of Moraine, wherein Fowle had worked for 26 years in the streets branch.

Few Americans have traveled to North Korea. The State Department “strongly urges U.S. Citizens to keep away from all travel to North Korea/the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) because of the severe threat of arrest and lengthy-term detention below North Korea’s system of regulation enforcement.”

The U.S. Has no diplomatic relations with North Korea. Foreigners who have been detained or imprisoned in the Hermit Kingdom often have a shared revel in confusion, coached confessions, communique blackouts, and isolation.

Four U.S. Citizens are presently acknowledged to be held in North Korea: 21-12 months-old university pupil Otto Warmbier, accounting professor Kim Sang Duk, businessman Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hak-Song, who worked at Pyongyang University.

Fowle is familiar with why many could query his choice to journey to North Korea. He informed Fox News that, having grown up within the Cold War generation, he was involved in communism. He has visited the former Soviet Union, the birthplace of his wife Tanya, six times.

Fowle was hoping the Bible he smuggled into North Korea, which contained his call and family pix could locate its manner to a person in the underground Christian community. But an afternoon after he hid it, his excursion group’s chief confronted him. The e-book has been determined and became in nearly at once, and Fowle stated he knew he was caught. He changed into allowed to preserve the tour, but while he arrived at the airport in Pyongyang to go away, government grabbed him

The Evolution of Prisoner Rights within the American Criminal Justice System


There became a time when inmates have been considered to be little greater than subhuman slaves of the nation by way of the criminal justice gadget. Judges once maintained that prisoners had no rights and for that reason couldn’t do anything to impede their punishment, regardless of how cruel and lifestyles threatening. The courts maintained that prisoners had given up these rights after they committed the crimes that positioned them in prison.

However, things have changed plenty in the United States because the 19th century. During the 20th century, laws were installed vicinity to ban cruel and uncommon punishment of prisoners in the U.S.

Changes in Prisoner Rights all through the 1960s

The Civil Rights Act of 1871 changed into used to champion the motive of prisoners’ rights within the Sixties. The act changed into in the beginning written to put into effect civil liability on those who deprive others of their constitutional rights. In 1961, the United States Supreme Court would rule that these liabilities implemented to kingdom officers in federal courts throughout the Monroe v. Pape case. The ruling also had the capacity for use in instances of prisoners’ rights.

A Supreme Court case in 1962, Robinson v. California, asserted that the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution carried out to the merciless and unusual punishment of prisoners of the country. Our courts nonetheless maintain that prisoners have fewer rights than different residents, however, and some say the tide can be turning toward an extra palms-off approach, just like that of the nineteenth century.

The State of the Eighth Amendment

Who knows what the present-day face of prisoner rights in the United States could appear to be if it weren’t for the Eight Amendment? This change specifically prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Such punishment could come within the shape of inhumane dwelling situations, insufficient hospital treatment, failure to protect from assaults, the use of force or deliberate indifference to pain, suffering, and threats to clinical health.

There are nevertheless many gray areas when it comes to the Eighth Amendment and prisoners’ rights, even though. While many prisoners’ rights advocates argued that overcrowding changed into a form of merciless and unusual punishment, the court decided the case of Bell v. Wolfish in 1979 that double cells had been no longer unconstitutional. In other cases, prisoners have sued over use of force and lost, relying on the seriousness in their accidents. We nonetheless uphold the general rights of prisoners, however, as part of being a civilized nation.

Book Review: North Korea: The State of Paranoia with the aid of Paul French


Paul French has tried to put in writing about one of the international’s maximum secretive societies and one that has remained largely unknown to the majority apart from hearing of the fears often expressed within the media about the threat posed by way of its nuclear guns. The challenge might appear nearly not possible, however the writer has gleaned statistics from some of North Korea-looking research centres and the testimony of numerous defectors, inclusive of a few previously of excessive rank inside the lengthy-established regime of the 3 Kims: the founder, Kim Il-sung, his son, Kim Jong-il, and grandson, Kim Jong-un. The end result is a fairly complete, though rather dated, a survey of the political and financial popularity of a failed kingdom trapped through its ideology and the want to keep the infallibility of its ruling dynasty.

The most enlightening a part of this book is its evaluation of Juche, a uniquely Korean combo of Marxist-Leninist ideology, with elements of the Thoughts of Chairman Mao, Confucianism, traditional Korean attributes, and attitudes derived from the liberation battle in opposition to the Japanese. In the exercise, it serves to hold the rule of thumb of the Kims and offers precedence to the needs of the navy. Juche has deeply permeated North Korean society and is the predominant aspect preventing any severe political task to the popularity quo. The authorities have long past to tremendous lengths to save you know-how of the prosperity of South Korea turning into to be had north of the 38th parallel, and has persuaded technology after technology of its residents that their persevering with poverty is in no manner the fault of the rulers or their regulations.

Although the e-book first seemed in 2014 and was republished with revision in 2015,

It gives the impact of being a decade older. Dates on references to inner affairs in North Korea do now not seem later than 2003, even though some US military deployments are mentioned up to 2013. This is probably because of the inevitable put off in any statistics emerging from within a closed society but a few affirmation of this case might have been helpful to the reader in defining the historical context.

According to the blurb on the lower back of the e-book, one reviewer determined that ‘Paul French writes with wit, eloquence and uncommon readability.’ This is a beneficent view of the author’s overall performance. The writing is within the style of reputable reporting and humor isn’t a function however textual content filled with acronyms (about 120 are listed) and many overseas names will continually conflict for fluency. The modifying is incomplete, with remnants of the writer’s draft revisions surviving within the published text. There seems to be little motive to hurry the e-book to print in view of the inevitable obsolescence of its content material.

American Novel By Sinclair Lewis Is More Relevant Today Than Both 1984 and Brave New World


The current political sports internationally have introduced a resurgence of numerous novels written within the first half of the closing century. In fact, George Orwell’s 1984 has risen to the pinnacle of the Amazon nice seller list.

Another conventional, Brave New World by using Aldus Huxley, is currently many of the satisfactory dealers. Like Orwell, Huxley is British, so he sets his futuristic novel in London.

A third novel that has visible an upward thrust in readership is one with the aid of an American creator, Sinclair Lewis. The Minnesota native changed into the first American creator to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, especially at the fulfillment of satiric novels along with Babbitt, Main Street, and Dodsworth.

It Can’t Happen Here, which were out of print seeing that 1935, might be scarier for Americans than the other. Lewis units the unconventional in a rural, middle-elegance metropolis in Vermont, whose citizens are just like individuals who lengthy to go back to the manner America was once.

By exploiting their longing for the past

Buzz Windrip manages to get elected as President of the United States within the novel. Much of his enchantment came from speeches intended to arouse the passions of the common guy, who has been for too lengthy overlooked by means of the cutting-edge political status quo.

“I’d as an alternative comply with a wild-eyed anarchist, in the event that they’d convey extra johnnycake and beans and spuds into the standard cabin of the common man, then a twenty-four karat, college graduate, ex-cupboard member statesman,” Windrip said at some stage in his marketing campaign.

Once inside the Executive office Windrip at once starts to eliminate all dissent, using a militaristic police force he labels because of the Minute Men. He has arrested or killed all of his political enemies and lots of members of the press.

Among the latter is the unconventional’s imperative character, Doremus Jessup. At first Jessup, the editor the city’s everyday newspaper fails to take severely the hazard of Windrip’s powers as President.

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