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Age and fertility can be something you should know

Not everyone will have the same fertility quotient, it is highly depending upon your lifestyle, sleeping habits, eating habits, drinking habits and some amount of genetics. Most of the things out there in the world will clearly knock-out our fertility if we do not notice it and change the way we live. To break this topic down, let us see how things impact our fertility with respect to age. To understand this phenomenon, I had visited a lot of fertility clinics and did a comprehensive survey with the people and doctors at these clinics. At one of the fertility clinic in chennai, I happened to visit a couple in their early 40s. I was surprised and at the same time was very curious to understand the case. I was successful in my attempt and got to understand a terminology called secondary infertility. This happens when infertility kicks-in during our second pregnancy. So people who have conceived previously also have high chances of becoming infertile. Age is the primary factor which causes infertility in this age. Here, the term age has a lot of other things included within it. To be simple, age is all that we do when we grow. Example, the amount of tobacco a smoker in-hales in a year will have clear impact on this health and in about 10 years, the impact will be so much that it can clear knock him out. So such are the impact age is bring in.

As after as infertility is considered, age in general makes us go weak, make our nerves feeble. Our hormones also has a great impact due to age. The amount of hormones that are created will greatly reduce and we will no longer have the drive for any physical contact. Even if drive is present, the outcome is not going to be satisfactory as the body is slowing losing what is had. All these things could be scary but the fact is most of us driven by the mass impact of what adulteration and changing lifestyle has brought in.

At a fertility clinic in pune, on an average, there are 10 case of infertility and most of them are non-reversible. Here non-reversible means, it cannot be cure naturally and artificial insemination is the only solution. Male infertility is very common in these cases. Thanks to advanced technologies like IVF and IUI, today the couple have a hope that they can become parents to after all that they have gone through.

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